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People keep advertising in the buyer requests?!


When I’m slow on gigs coming in, I always check the Buyer Requests. Today I noticed that all of them today are people advertising their gigs, especially in the writing/editing category. Does Fiverr even monitor this, or do they let this slide? It’s become extremely annoying, and I can’t even find a request from an actual buyer anymore. Anyone here agree?


Yes. and its really annoying , New sellers like me will suffer because of this, whenever i go there to send my offers to buyers i cant, there is only sellers advertising their gigs more then buyers asking for services :frowning:


Where do you even find the Buyer Request anymore?


yes more sellers doing promotion in “Buyers Request” section. its not good. fiverr need to care about this issue


I have only been on fiverr for about four months and the only once have I ever got a gig through the buyer request.


Also recently in my opinion the Buyer request page consist evenly of seller advertising as well as buyer advertising.


There has been a noticeable reduction of Sellers promoting themselves lately. There has also been a decline in Sellers making offers. At least in the Graphics Category.


Reply to @youtubefun:
Haha, well said.


This is an extremely difficult thing for me in the vintage designs as well i have to go through tens of these idiots before i can find a Genuine buyer request that has anything to do with me.

These people cant even write properly and that makes my heart and head hurt.


I was browsing the writing section last week. There were more sellers advertising there than buyers!!

There should be a report button.


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I know I’ve told you this before, but your forum posts are seriously entertaining!


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Hey I saw that on Facebook too!

Good gig idea, there’s loads of idiots who can’t mess up a word.


It’s also filled with ridiculous requests like asking to hack Facebook, how to set up phishing scams, send music demos to popular artists, how do I make a million dollars, etc. If anything it’s the greatest source of amusement, hence why I devoted a thread to it! :stuck_out_tongue:


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