People lying about the price


I put in an order to get a powerpoint done. I paid for the order and then they message me and say - I can do the order but it is actually going to cost you $300.

How does this work?

Or they say - how much money do you have? I want to know how much your budget is before I give you price.

I find it really frustrating as you do all the research to find someone and then you need to do all the research again to find someone else.


what that presentation have that he or she asking 300$ for it?


I think it’s best if you have a larger project to always contact a seller first. But you should read their gig description very carefully. Many $5 gigs are simply for a very basic job, like for powerpoint, maybe 3 slides or something small like that.

It is normal for a seller to give you a custo quote on orders that go above the basic gig, though if someone asks you what your budget is, I don’t find them to be too good at business as they are of course going to charge you whatever you say. Though in some cases I think sellers may not be approaching it from a professional standpoint not knowing how to quote properly so they just want to see how much your budget is and decide if they will do it for that small of an amount which is usually what people tell them, a low amount.

Ask for a mutual cancellation. $300 is way too much for a power point presentation, unless you are asking for maybe 100 slides and animations, and creating the text, etc., etc…HOw big is your job? And are you giving them all the wording for each slide?

Then message a few sellers first. Even if you do the research and find the sellers who have a portfolio that you like, for a big job you should still contact them first.


It isn’t even a bit job. I have done the whole presentation already - I just wanted someone to see if they could pretty it up a bit beyond what I had already done. It is to be saved as a pdf so no animations or anything else necessary.

I had also read the gig very carefully.

I thought I would try - request a gig instead. I said exactly what I needed and said please quote me the price for the project - don’t say one price here and then say another price once I order. Well, exactly the same thing has happened.

I am happy to pay for than $5 to get the job done but it is the sneakiness of it that annoys me.

I used to love fiverr but this whole thing has been such a waste of time.


If the PPT is already done, why in the world would they need you to pay that amount of money? Still trying to figure out how sellers of this kind remain in business.


Reply to @staceymyers: Did you tell them how many slides? You say it’s not a big job, but how many slides are there?

And while you may think to pretty it up isn’t a big job, it may depend on what state it is in when you give it to someone. If it is just text and you want it designed to a designer that could be a bigger creative job.

How many slides is it? And do you have all the photos? And is your presentation already in a powerpoint file format?

I’m just trying to think of why someone would quote you $300.


I’m confused as well about why they were asking for $300 for a PPT. Also, while I understand why a buyer wouldn’t like to be asked for their budget, it’s not necessarily a negative.

I ask in various situations (like with bulk orders) because if their budget is less than what I typically charge but still manageable, I’ll lower my price to make it affordable for them. So don’t shy away from it. In some cases, the seller might be trying to accommodate you rather than trying to milk you dry.


hi there… most sellers really do want to deliver a great product. the problem is just like everything else in this world you run into a few knuckle heads…don’t get discouraged and always read full description and message them first if you are still unclear. I have done this many times and the sellers are more than happy to explain. if hey do not, then don’t order from them as that would be your first red flag! I have purchased over several hundred gigs and have several sellers that I use often as when you find good ones-show them that you appreciate their work:)! Best to you!

staceymyers said: but it is the sneakiness of it that annoys me.

I don't think they were being sneaky, but I do understand that asking a Buyer "how much money do you have? I want to know how much your budget is before I give you price" is a little misaligned and can be seen as poor taste.

There are better ways to communicate with a Buyer than this. With that said, something budgets don't align with what a Seller might offer. Despite what is clearly advertised a lot of Buyers try to "low ball" work is clearly advertised at a higher price.

Don't let this get you down, it just sounds like it's a miscommunication. Words can easily get misinterpreted. If you still interesting in working with the Seller, just talk to them a bit more and express your concerns to them. :)


Reply to @staceymyers: Hi Stacey, I think the problem is on the seller’s end, or Fiverr, rather. We’re limited to what we can input on buyer requests. There are differences in the desktop and mobile versions as well and I forget which is which but one only lets you “respond” but not give a quote or type in details/ask questions. It’s often also hard to tell what people need as it seems buyers have a character limit. So the $5 initial offer is more of a notification that a seller has seen your request and is interested.

For example, (not saying this is how you worded it, but to help explain) I see something vague like “I need Photoshop editing.” Okay, well, I can probably do that, but since I have no idea what it is exactly (that could be a five minute thing or it could take me days. It’s not all going to be $5.) So I hit respond to buyer with the $5 minimum, and have to wait for them to get back to me, and that’s when I’d discuss price.

I hope I made sense, it’s bedtime for me here. :slight_smile:


$300 for a powerpoint? Wow! That’s expensive and really sneaky. Fiverr is for services for FIVE dollars (Hints the name “FIVERR”) lol ;))