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People messaging in spite of out of office mode

I still get people messaging me while I have out of office mode turned on and did not activate the checkbox to allow new people messaging.

That’s really bad.

And to top it, everyone who messages while I’m in out of office mode, be it former customers, be it new people, doesn’t in the slightest sound as if they were made aware that I’m in out of office mode.
I think I remember having gotten messages like “I see you’re in out of office mode but this is not urgent, please reply when you’re back” when the feature still seemed to work correctly for me.

It’s been like this since months now, I literally don’t get a single day off because I always end up having to respond to messages with ticking clocks from new customers while I have ooo turned on.

(Yes, I did send a ticket, it’s still open.)


It happens to me, too.

A client told me that the green contact button was on my profile page, even though I was in OOO mode.


@miiila I got to your profile with the contact me button through your link here on the forum to your profile that you have posted.

On your gigs there is no way to contact you. So they are seeing your profile. I’m sure that is supposed to become disabled when you are in out of office mode.

They really need a way for us to turn off getting messages and allow that two days a week without a penalty. It’s brutal to never have any days off from that.


Yes. When I’d talked to support, they confirmed that only people with active orders should be able to contact me and they didn’t know why it doesn’t work.


If you need a screenshot for the CS…

EDIT: Screenshot removed.


Thank you! I took a screenshot of your screenshot :smiley: to send them, you can remove it if you don’t mind :slight_smile:


Removed! :smiley_cat:


No problem to receive a message, in my opinion. The problem is to notify well the buyer that you cannot reply when you are out of office. If only there was an automatic reply option

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It’s a very real problem when you turned on out of office mode because you’re too sick to reply or travelling or have a family emergency or are somewhere where you don’t have wifi and could lose your level because it will drop your response rate.

And it’s not nice if you’d like a day or two or so per year of not having to react to messages, including spam and scam messages, or don’t want to even look at a screen every once in a while.

It’s not about whether any of us is superman or superwoman and never ever gets sick or wants a day off but about a feature that Fiverr thinks is needed (else they’d not have it) and that used to work, and that now is buggy for some people.

This is in the bug report category for a reason, else I’d be over in the Ranting Pot. :slight_smile:


You probably when put offline mode clicked on button so new fiverr users can contact you, that can be a problem.

No, as I already mentioned, I made sure to not click on that button. I have used out of office mode often and it used to work, now it doesn’t work as intended. People can’t order my gigs but new people can message, and the clock in the inbox is ticking, and they shouldn’t be able to message but get a notification that I’m out of office and will return then and then.

Support acknowledged the issue, as I also said, they just don’t know why and couldn’t fix it either yet apparently.


Sad, i havent hjad this kind of problem. But i would contact cs for that.

She already did. She said that, too.


Yeah, I wrote that I did. But this is for reporting bugs, and it’s a bug, so I’m reporting it here.


Even if she contacted already, its good if she contact with them again in same opened ticket and send print screens and adittional information.

I wonder if we unite and open 10 CS tickets on the same subject would it make a difference? Has anybody tried that?

@miiila said she did that too. :wink:


Yes, I’m doing that, and as said above, I’ll send them the screenshot of my active Contact Me button that catwriter kindly provided.

I don’t think they’d appreciate people who don’t have that issue reporting it.

It’s okay, thank you all, I just want to make sure that this bug is “visible”, that’s all. I’ve had enough tickets in my over three years here to know when it makes sense to bother support and when not and to re-open a ticket to provide additional information, etc.

This category is supposedly monitored, so it makes sense to post bugs here, everyone who suffers from the same bug can add to the thread, and then support or whoever monitors this, can see if it seems to be just one person or more, and perhaps move it up on their To-do list accordingly.


This is a problem!

Ugh! I cannot believe this is still a thing. :weary: I’ve had this happened to me a few times. One time it really messed me over and caused my response rate to plummet. I was beyond pissed! :smirk_cat: If I checked the option to NOT allow new potential buyers to contact me. It should stick, I shouldn’t have to feel pressured to answer queries. If I’m away having a great time, sick in bed, getting my nails done :nail_care:t4: or just busy doing other stuff. The last thing on my mind is Fiverr, knowing I’ve closed up shop for a few days.

Recently, I’ve taken a break from Fiverr for a couple of weeks or so. I didn’t use the OOO feature because of this situation. It’s very frustrating! I thought they would’ve narrowed down the issue and sealed the leakage by now.

This is a :bug: bug that needs to be fixed like ASAP!


What did you do, paused all of your gigs?