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People not leaving feedback


Really starting to annoy me.

No less than 10 times in the past three days have I had a message saying:

“Best content ever! I want to reorder. Let me know when your gig is back up”

And yet…they don’t want to leave feedback? I have asked them to do so, but nope. One person said “I will give you positive feedback if you deliver another gig to me within a day, otherwise, it will be negative”

If just 30 of the unrated people from the past week left positive feedback, I would be back up to a 4.6 feedback.

Come on buyers. Leave feedback. Compliments are great, but that ain’t putting ratings on the table.


Don’t worry about it. Focus on completing orders on time, extend delivery time, do 1 article/gig instead of 2, that’s all.


You have, let´s say, interesting buyers.

Yes, buyers, come on, when Ryan delivers you the best content ever, leave him the best feedback ever, it takes like half a second choosing the default text.


With that price, I gotta second this.


I wonder if what you are writing when you ask them to leave feedback is an influence.
If you wanna tell us, maybe we could help :slight_smile:


There is the default text for that? I didn´t know that. I always type my review manually, even when it only says ˝outstanding experience!˝


‘Outstanding experience!’ is the default text which will show if you just click the 5 stars and don´t type anything. :slight_smile:


If you rate all 5 stars and leave nothing in the comment box, it does “outstanding experience”, at 4.5 stars the default is “great experience” and then I think at 4 it is “good experience”. I don’t know what it is below that.


I am now in the position (after being bashed from clients repeatedly), that I don’t think my work is high enough quality to charge more. I know it is, but yeah.


But I always type that manually, I did not know that I not need to do that :slight_smile:

So you mean, when I give 5 star, even if I don´t write anything it will autmomatically show ˝outstanding experience˝?


@ryangillam Kk, great to know that. Thanks. :slight_smile:

@miiila No need to answer my question. :slight_smile:


Yup! That is it. Saves seconds!


Yes, that, but it´s nice to type something yourself, if you really appreciate the seller, they appreciate it a lot, and it helps other buyers more to decide for a seller, if there´s a somewhat ‘personal’ review instead of the default text, especially if it mentions things they are interested in.
But better default than no review. :wink:


Yes, I do that :slight_smile: sorry I ran out of hearts.


Feedback has a branch that I think may be as important as the feedback itself. That is delivery time.

I think this is correct. If not, please let me know.

You complete a gig and if the client gives you immediate feedback your completion date is sooner compared to it to automatically closing when there is no feedback. This could be a factor why your competition ranks higher than you do. If your competition shows completion dates back to back to back I think that bodes well for their gig ranking.

Oh well, this new algorithm has my brain in a spin so maybe I’m reaching for something that’s not there but I’m game for any explanation that explains this new algorithm. .