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People Offering to "Buy" My Fiverr Account

Okay, this is the second time this month that I have gotten a message thru Fiverr from someone trying to buy my account, offering me $200 and telling me “You can just start another fiverr account”. Should I report these people? I simply replied, “Uhh I make $4500 a MONTH from my fiverr account, I wouldn’t sell it for $10,000 - let alone $200.” Not sure what they even want to do with my account - I hope I don’t get hacked!

Dont sell, you need to report this.

What he want? He want to win your moneys becouse you are Top Rated Seller and you have too much orders.If you open another account, you will not have this orders like now.

I can’t understand why you thought twice!

Sell it, Sell it! :slight_smile: kidding - don’t you dare! ( You’ve worked 2/half years for it :slight_smile: )

If something like this would happen to me I would not report it to fiverr but just report as spam.

It’s not worth the wait, of course these people are kids and are playing around… Terminating that account will lead to them creating another and doing the same thing over again. Simply report as spam.

ON YOUR OTHER QUESTION. If you see any strange activity on your account, change your paswword imm. If you feel that someone has hacked in. QUICKLY transfer your funds to your paypal account imm and then report!

Best of luck

:slight_smile: Joe

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