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People order without messaging me first

Hello, not sure if it’s the right category but most of my clients message me on Instagram first and then I send them to Fiverr to pay me.
So now I have 3 orders from Instagram so I do them one by one and I always tell them who’s before them so they now when I can start their portrait. But I just got an order from Fiverr started without asking me so now I have 4 days to do this one and it just messes with my scheduled projects. Is there any way I can stop people from ordering without messaging me first ? Or any way to set up a queue that tells the buyer I can only start their order in 5 days ?
I don’t want to say I’m on holiday because last time I did that when I came back I didn’t get any orders for 2 months.

Thanks !

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You can limit your max orders in your queue to lets say 3 or 4. Once you queue is filled no new orders can be placed. The problem with that is you risk being removed from the search once your queue is maxed out. You could also set your delivery time to 10-14 days instead so you’ll have plenty of time to complete any surprise orders.


When you are having too many orders to complete timely, that’s a clear signal to up your prices. Use pricing to control order flow.

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I know everybody ordering told me it was super cheap so I might up the price this week.

Thank you !

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Oh ok, yes I don’t want to be removed from the search. I’ll change the delivery time then, thank you !

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@eugenegormanart I will advise you don’t edit your gig as you may lose your gig ranking… A lot of sellers complaining of disappearing gigs from the search after they edit… At the top, search for “gig rank lost after editing”

There is no such thing as “gig ranking”.

And these complaints are rather silly, because it is normal for Fiverr to pull all edited gigs out of the search results until they can review and approve of the edits. It’s how Fiverr works.

@jonbaas you are just everywhere… You won’t let me live, you won’t let me die… Responding like support automated response.

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I changed my video and actually went from the 5th page to the 1st page (songwriting- rap). There’s no science to the madness I guess.

I am a veteran forum user. I participate in the topics that I choose, just as you do the same. I am not following, targeting, or harassing you. All of my comments are genuine, honest, and real.


Thanks guys, I managed to finished two orders today, thanks to the lockdown, but I’ll extend the delivery time to fix the problem