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People placing order just to spoil review

I recently had a buyer who placed an order requesting for a long term business relation
Said he’ll need me to work regularly and on a lots of sites
and placed an order without my confirmation and without defining what i should deliver

i asked the buyer many times on what to deliver or should i go for a cancellation
since the delivery deadline was 24 hrs
he asked me to deliver the order and he’ll give me the next order detials on monday
he wanted me to deliver the order with whatever i can provide or with nothing

still i asked if he wanted me to refund the order i can do that for him
he said i can deliver and i said i’ll consider this amount for the next job he gives

trusting the buyer i delivered the order with something that can be used commonly on any site buyer wants ( a maintenace page )
i didn’t deliver the order empty, i provided some work

the buyer completed the order with a negitive review saying i didn’t do anything and got the order cancelled from support when i was clearly offering buyer a refund

he wanted me to deliver the order empty but i still gave him something trusting that we’ll have more work

if buyer had an issues with the delivery what was the need for him to complete the order?
he could have disputed the order

the job was not delivered empty

but the sole purpose of the buyer was to write something bad for the review
he never wanted to have a long business

and fiverr is allowing such buyers to put review on seller’s profile
this is a very bad experience

fiverr should create a filter for such buyers who say something else and do the opposit


Most likely he is your competitor.

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he has a new account created in october itself
don’t know who he is
just need the review removed
expecting a positive reply from support

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Believe it till you achieve it. Don’t worry!