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People posting multiple Gigs


About 8 months ago I thought I’d create a second gig that had a focus on a particular voice style. Created the gig, uploaded it, and everything was fine. Then I noticed a few days later, I wasn’t getting messages anymore because both my gigs were taken down. I uploaded the same photo to both, which was against the ToS. Honest mistake, I took down the new gig and everything went back to normal. Lesson learned.

I’ve been looking through the search pages and I’ve noticed tons of people using the same or nearly the exact same photo across multiple gigs. It’s pretty unfair that one person can take up a good portion of a search page with multiple gigs that are slightly different. I don’t want to be a “tattle tail”, but this is absurd. If I gotta play by the rules, then everyone else should too.

Unless I’m wrong? Thoughts?


It may be that you need to create the two gigs at the same time.

I have a friend who had one profile image and then changed it. Months later she tried to go back to her original profile image and Fiverr would not let her. They said it was not an original image.

I don’t have or need an additional gig. My concern is with several others using copy/pasted images or slightly altered images and spamming their gigs across the search engine. It’s not supposed to be allowed, at least according to CS.

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I have noticed that too. The seller changes the gig title slightly, but uses the same image for a gig.


I have seen exact copies of gigs on a seller profile. Same title, same description, same everything. It’s very unfair especially when you follow the rules.


Please report them if you haven’t already.


That’s why we have the flag tools.

If someone is breaking Terms of Service you can flag them for review.


Of course. Unfortunately, I think they don’t know any better and think it’s ok because they see others doing it.

Plenty of unethical sheep here for sure.

But reporting can take them down regardless.


Yes, I completely agree.