People requesting to Purchase Accounts via inbox


Hi guys

I have been getting a load of inbox requests from people requesting to “purchase” my profile for $200. Apart from reporting the inbox email, is there any other way of dealing with these people?



googlepage said: Apart from reporting the inbox email, is there any other way of dealing with these people?

No Sue, there's no other way: report them and let Customer Support ban their users!


I wonder I never got any such offer :smiley:

Anyways I would suggest never sell it as @theowl89 said it very right that it is like raising your child unless you have a valid reason for it.

You can also contact Fiverr Support:

Love and Peace to All :smiley:


Fiverr Customer Support


Hi, I have a suggestion. You can let them know and convince them softly, that building gig is like raising a child with sacrificing blood, sweat and tears. And nothing is easy along the way. Hope they can understand your huge effort.

Keep selling with fun :wink:



I actually used to do business valuations. I know it’s against TOS to sell accounts, but just to tick off the scammers, here’s what you do.

Tell them that you’d be willing to consider a fair offer. In business, that is equal to three years of recurring revenue plus potential futures.

So let’s say that you make $500/mo on Fiverr. That’s $6000/year, and $18,000 over three years. Plus a potential futures/upfront price, about 50% of the $18,000.

Let them know that you’ll sell your account for $24,000. Then report them.


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lol what pghhearts said above.

I got the message too. I didn’t replied to it. I guess they are targeting sellers who level 2 to establish their own market. if they were serious about business, they could have opened their own account and worked hard on it to worthy of buying but they didn’t. they valuated accounts cheaply like 100 to 500 bucks and want people to fall for their offer. even if person earns 50 bucks a month from account, why would he sell it? its hard to sell stuff consistently.