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People stealing work

Hi guys, I’ve been selling on Fiverr since June last year. The orders are getting fewer each month though I was already Level 2.
It’s getting frustrating as a lot of people seem to cancel the order mid process after 2 or 3 revisions so they don’t have to pay for your work. They’re really not in the mood to discuss using up they’re included revisions.
It’s causes a lot of work for nothing and makes my statistics bad.

Did this happen to someone else as well?


It’s pretty common.

I would reduce your revisions to just TWO.

If someone wants more, you explain to them that you are not prepared to provide further work.

Don’t let a Buyer bully you.

Stand your ground.


It takes two to tango - why are you agreeing to cancellation? Once you get into doing that, sooner or later you will get your name posted on some sites telling people to scam you. It has happened with at least one seller here before. When you do the work, you get paid. Whether the buyer likes it or not does not dictate whether you get paid.


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately there’s a lot of bullying going on so sometimes there’s no other way than to agree to the cancellation…

If buyers are bullying you, that is not okay! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Be professional, but stand up for yourself.

If you fold and accept a cancellation each time a buyer bullies you then that person will tell their friends that they can get free work from you merely by mistreating you!

Also, you can send screenshots of the behavior to Customer Support and they will support you as that behavior is against TOS.

I agree with @looseink. Limit the number of revisions and charge $5 for any additional revisions.

Be strong! :muscle:t3:


Yes this very common, and customer support will also remain silent about this.
There is no security of seller on fiverr.
If you try too hard to explain your problem to customer support, then they will harm your stats.
Always remember, they are called “customer support” not “seller support”, customers are buyers and sellers are slaves.
Fiverr is a good place for gigs in which every delivery of every order is 90% same and 10% customised for the order.
Since i have a software development gig, hence every order and its delivery is always different and unique. Sometimes buyers start giving meaningless reasons for order cancellation after delivery. This causes buyers to receive products for free. This is a loophole in fiverr, which fiverr will never fix.
So be careful.

You can read more about this issue on

If it is “very common,” how come out of almost 2000 orders I have only had 2 or 3 such buyers. I am a strong woman and I did not let the buyer bully me. I will not ever do that, because I do not want to have a reputation of being someone buyer’s can bully.

As I told you in the other thread, you have to send the proof to Customer Service that you delivered the product. Do not wait for them to ask for proof.


Predatory buyers primarily seek out sellers who will fold over and capitulate to their demands.

If a predatory buyer encounters a confident, experienced seller who knows the rules of the platform, then it will be like pulling teeth, involve CS, and will likely wind up just being a big waste of time for everyone involved.


I think you haven’t read updated threads.
I cannot raise issue for every order that i recieve to send proofs to customer support.
You can read more to other thread for more information.
And i already explained for which types of gigs it is common.
If you have 2000 orders that is good for you, but you should also compare the types of gigs.
Software industry is very big, with infinite possibilities, not everything can be listed in a gig description.
In some cases even buyers don’t know what they actually needs. They ask for guidance and want to do some experimentation.
Fiverr customer support should also consider the conversation between buyer and seller, which they don’t.
Sometimes buyer changes the requirements themselves, customer support should also consider that, but they don’t.

I’ve gotten out of cancellations many times.

You just apologize it wasn’t up to their requirements, mention that with thousands of other orders you never get cancellations (social proof) and sincerely promise that the next delivery will be perfect or their money back, then you decline the cancellation and send back perfect work as quick as you can. It takes some persuasion but I’ve got out of almost every cancellation this way.

If they are just trying to steal work then there’s nothing your can do as Fiverr will ALWAYS side with the buyer as they want them to keep spending money on the site.

Though, in my three years here I’ve had very, very, few buyers actually try to steal work. It’s normally been due to a misunderstanding of their requirments which can easily be fixed.