People that thumbs down just to thumbs down?


This has not happened to me yet, knockonwood, but I am friends with a few featured sellers here on Fiverr. I always notice that there are a few thumbs down and then a lot of the top rated sellers also have a few scattered negative reviews. Just as a preventative measure, what did you do or not do to get these thumbs downs? Then I also sometimes notice that people claim that they got the thumbs down just because the buyer wanted to see that person get a negative review. Have you had to deal with buyers like this? How did yo deal with it?


I haven’t got a legitimate thumbs down yet. The only ones so far is because I have forgotten to attach something or gone a bit late on articles. However, when I have gone late and the person agreed I could be late and yet cancelled, Fiverr admin have removed the negative feedback from me, always with a warning that I should deliver on time in the future, but generally they are nice! I have forgotten who I have spoken to before but he always signs off a message “any negative feedback just get in touch and we will sort it out” which is great :slight_smile: I think you just need to bear in mind that not everybody will like your gig. It is a fact of life! People aren’t rating just to see others get a bad review it is because they aren’t happy. The best bet is to work with the buyer to get it removed. Perhaps provide a refund or similar. Most will say yes. If not, get in touch with fiverr and they will be more than happy to issue a refund on the order, removing the negative feedback!



Someone gave me a thumbs down when i had completed the gig correct to the point! i even did 2 gigs in one for them but they still decided to give me the thumbs down. I contacted Fiver Support Team and explained the situation and told them to look at the gig and the work i delivered and they agreed that the user was in the wrong giving me negative feedback so removed the feedback

The Support Team here are amazing :x


Reply to @speciallity: Indeed they are. Many people claim them to be on the buyer’s side, but to be honest, if you deliver quality then they are in favour of the seller! :slight_smile:


Reply to @ryangillam: Exactly, if they can tell that the buyer is actually in the wrong with the feedback they have given and you can prove it. Then they are more than happy to help you!


Reply to @speciallity: That’s awful. Yeah, my friends and I all have a “will fix until you are satisfied” policy. I’m really glad the support team actually looks out for the seller like that.


Reply to @mrspanda: As long as your a good honest seller and the fiver support team can see that, they will do all they can to put things right