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People told me to promote my gigs

Hey, I am new at Fiverr. so basically I don’t have any idea about gig marketing. I did share my gigs at social media but my views and clicks are so low. I don’t know what should I do. Please help me. This is my profile. Please guide me what should I do.

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Stay online.
Send buyer request daily.
Share your gig to the social media.

Obviously you will get some attention.

Thank you that will help. But what else should I do to get some attention from buyers?

“Sharing” your gig on social media is basically spamming.

There are a lot of free materials on the internet that explains how proper marketing should be done. But of course you’ll have to invest your own time into reading and learning that.


Share Profile on Fiverr Promotion Groups And Pages.
Try To Send 10 Buyer Requests Daily.

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well I didn’t have any idea about spamming. Some of my friends told me to share gigs at social media. So basically I didn’t have any clue. Thanks for your advice.

Groups and pages from fb?

Yes and also try linked in and twitter.

Do some research in the forum. It will help you out a lot.
And you will get most of your ans.

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okay but i don’t know anyone from linked in…will sharing gigs will help in linked in?

yes I am trying to do that!!

FB groups are containing bunch of seller. You will not get buyer attention from there.

You can use hashtag thing like #fiverr to promote your gig.

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can i ask which types of groups? apparently there are so many groups!!

I already left all fb groups. Those are not for seeking buyer attention. :slightly_smiling_face:

oh, I got it now…Guess I still have to wander around

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I thought I just said that “sharing” your gig on fb groups or other people profiles is spamming :thinking:

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Didn’t mean to offend you but I was just asking if that will help me with my work. :worried::disappointed: