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People trying to contact me outside fiverr IS THIS SPAM?

So every now and then, I get messages in my in-box which are like spam, sellers sends me a message

to check out their new gig, or just post a link to their gig. I usually ignore them.

Aside from that, I get other messages from people saying stuff like “Hi, I really like your drawings! Can you draw this? Please check the attached description” So I open the file, and usually it says something like “Please email me, I would like to discuss details about a huge project with you, blah blah blah.” And they leave an email address.

I also got things like “Please translate this file, how many gigs would it be?” and when I open the file, there’s a similar message with either an email address or a Skype ID.

When I first started getting those messages, I did think Oh wow, a huge project must mean more payment, sounds cool…but then I thought why can’t they just message me through the in box?

Why is the email address needed?

I have not replied or sent emails to any of those people, but does this happen to other people too?

Zeus, this sounds like why some people have been “hacked” on Fiverr and their accounts compromised. They fall for these things and then we get someone posting on the forums complaining about a hacked account.

Best report them. :slight_smile:

Yep, fiverr will (quite rightly) ban them so just click report :wink:

Yikes, I have read about the hacking problems here at this forum…

OK, I guess it is better to report them rather than just ignoring them.

Thx guys!!

agree. Just report them if you’re not sure.

Hi, I am new and have multiple buyer requesting to communicate outside Fiverr. How do I report them? Thanks!


You can report them by clicking on the ‘report’ link in the top right corner of the message.