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People trying to rip people off


I have used Fiverr for a while now, why do people answer requests for projects & then ask what my budget is.
Sellers should have a price once they have been told the work.
Fiverr should ban this practice, it’s people trying to extort money.


I’m not sure I understand entirely. Not every buyer states what their budget is. Some give a request for work but don’t state their budget and a seller might ask to see if it’s worth the time. Other buyers list a vague project and a budget, but the seller may ask if the budget is flexible the amount appears unreasonably low or high. Occasionally a buyer lists something unusual like 50 articles for $10 and I can understand a seller thinking it might be a typo or a misunderstanding.

If you haven’t stated your budget a seller should be able to ask about it. if you have stated your budget and a seller asks what your budget is, you can politely tell them that you already said it and that you feel they didn’t read, so you will be moving on. I can’t see a reason Fiverr should ban sellers for asking the budget of the buyer when its handled so easily.


What are you talking about, a seller sells, usually with a price. Once they have been told what is involved in the gig whether they have prices or not surely it is up to the seller to say how much the work will cost to do.
Fiverr has just turned into a free for all & whoever reviews the requests well they must be on something, the pimpliest of requests get refused, your better off going direct to a seller instead of waiting hours only to find out you have a email with attitude in your inbox & nobody doing work.Change the name to Downerr.


I’m having a hard time understanding the source of your anger too, I’m afraid.

Does a seller have his/her base price, yes, I believe so.
But for example if I saw something like "Looking for an illustrator for a children’s book"
in the buyer’s request, I’ll ask for more details of what they are looking for, along with what their budget is, or tell them my rate and check if it sounds reasonable to them.
I do have my base price, but depending on what I hear, I might just be willing to
work around the buyer’s budget.

I seriously can’t really see the harm of a seller asking for a buyer’s budget,
am I missing something??


I get your point and I agree that sellers must be able to independently quote a price once they are aware of the nature and amount of work.

However, if you are using the buyer requests section, it is assumed that you are using it because you are looking for something highly custom which does not align with any of the standard gigs which are offered on Fiverr. People assume that you are looking for something offbeat which might require more work than a standard order so they ask you to define your project and budget to make sure what it is they are getting into.


They are not trying to rip you off. Every seller has a specific price but this is price has its term and condition. Lets say I sell a songs of up to 5mb long for 10$. Then a buyer asks for a song up to 10mb, the original price of 10$ does not apply to this request. Hence the seller will ask you for your best budget or quote one for you to accept or reject.


It’s not always that they want to rip you off. Somewtimes they want to give you a good offer. Assuming you stated you want a Logo together with Vector files and Stationery but you didnt mentioned your budget. I will ask what’s your budget then compare it with my prices, there’s no way you say your budget is $200 and i accept $200 yet the same package is listed on my gig as a Premium for $50. However if you say your budget is $35 ,i might accept it or say make it $40.

People are different though , I’m not rulling out those who rip off buyers


Why don’t you give us an example of your buyer’s request? Then we can see if it makes sense to ask for a budget or not :slight_smile:

I don’t know what’s the case here, that’s why it would be interesting to see an example. However, if you take a look at some of the requests you’ll see that quite often the stated budget is ridiculously low, there aren’t enough details about the work or buyer simply doesn’t know what a reasonable budget should be.

And who knows, sometimes sellers asking for budget might actually be the most qualified to do the job. They are asking it because they know that your budget is too low and if there’s no room for adjustment then they won’t waste time with you.


Maybe it was one of those, “I want someone t design me a logo, publish my book, edit my movie and create a custom 3d movie. My budget is 5$ and I also want the source files”


Well once I’ve explained as much as I can for instance say for a website issue, I say as much as I can because if I knew it all I wouldn’t be getting someone to do it for me ! If these people who are supposed to be so smart in HTML, Wordpress, blah blah blah they should have some idea of the issues, sadly I’ve wasted time & money on people who are sitting in a internet cafe somewhere pretending to be Bill Gates. I have had some great design work done on Fiverr, as far as the IT etc in my opinion the majority are chancers.


@metta_hosting From how I see it, every buyer has a budget for his/her project. As a seller, when I go on buyer requests, it helps me to see that budget in order to know if I should send an offer or not.

If you as a buyer only have $10 to pay for the required work, and my charge would be for example $30 as a seller, I would not waste my time and my available offers in order to apply, knowing you wouldn’t pay me as much as I ask.

I think it works perfectly in order to help both buyers and sellers facilitate the process. :slight_smile: (just my opinion)


@metta_hosting That’s exactly why sellers might ask about your budget.
Quite often buyers don’t know what kind of work goes into fixing a website issue and they set a budget that is too low. Therefore sellers might contact you to see if there’s any wiggle room. If there isn’t then they won’t waste time on your request.

That being said, it could be that you were contacted by a couple of scammers, but it doesn’t justify banning sellers from asking budget related questions. Believe it or not, most sellers are actually not trying to extort money from buyers :slight_smile:


Okay, let me join in on the conversation as something similar happened to me. Few months ago, I posted a request for eBook Cover with instructions on what I wanted. I did NOT post a max budget.

Several people bid (I don’t remember how many) from low as $5 and up. I selected one I liked, accepted custom offer of $10 (one cover) and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Thank you for bidding on my project. If you have any additional questions, let me know.

Seller: thank you,. I can so what you want. what is your budget

Me: I don’t understand your question. I already accepted your custom offer. I want exactly what I posted on the buyers request, nothing more, nothing less.

Seller: please, I need your max budget, so I can get started right away

Me: Again, I already paid. Are you saying you changed your mind about budget.

Seller: please i can do, but I need your budget

Me: I already paid. If your saying you need more, than how much?

Seller: i can do what you want, but i need your budget, please, i need budget.

Me: If your unable to do this for what you bid and what I have accepted, and paid, please cancel.

Seller: i send you custom offer, you accept, then i begin.

Seller sends me two custom offer. $20 for 2D and another $20 for 3D.

Me: I do not need 3D, just 2D. I want exactly what I posted in buyers request. What you’re saying is a 2D is $30 and not $10.

Seller: i deliver you dummy now, i will work when you pay custom offer. i have great idea.

I declined offer.


Well, I can understand your rant, if it was something like Gina mentioned, but it’s still not a good enough reason to forbid sellers to ask for a budget, as there are very valid reasons like stated in other posts already, and it also happens that buyers, on purpose, or accidentally are vague or leave out some crucial information, or don´t read the gig description of the seller before accepting their order, that a seller might well be right to ask them to buy an upgrade for extra-work involved, which wasn´t clear from the buyer’s request.
Of course there are people who try to rip others off, on side of both sellers and buyers, but to ban some things can mean to punish or hinder smooth working for many, because a few abuse the system, it´s not an as easy decision as it might seem from just one point of view.


Lets not bother with prices at all, I mean if someone wants to advertise a one page website for £3.98, they need there head examining. I am just talking from personal experience most of these people have just jumped on the band wagon. I wouldn’t expect someone to build a web page for £3.98. Put a request in for something to do with web design, the prices will be from £5 to £500. If I say my page is not indexing on google I have a rough idea why, mainly because I have tried to do it first & failed but I know where the experienced person would go too to fix the issue, if I have explained the problem (page not being recognized & explained what I have tried) then people come back with their gigs or custom offers., the issue is they have offered their services & we both know it’s nothing major. So custom order or gig. I’ve lost count of how many times people have said sorry I cannot do that, with every badge sitting in the gig like a trophy cabinet.
It should be how it was, I’m not saying $5 but once you offer your services it should be binding. If I’ve asked for a garden shed to be built that’s what I want I shouldn’t have to disclose my financial affairs. It’s called buying & selling.what’s your budget ? unheard of on Fiverr not that long back.


I shan’t be posting anymore until every member uploads their bank statements.


I have a garden shed and so do all of my neighbors, but none them look the same and for sure they didn’t cost the same either :slight_smile:

I’ll take a pass on sharing my bank statement, so we can close this thread. Thanks for sharing your experience. That’s why we have this ranting pot :wink:


Doesn’t matter where you go on the net forum wise, they are all the same. Oh go on I’ll give you £3.98


I partially agree with the OP on this but I do also ask for a budget sometimes.
When it comes to a buyer request, asking for a budget is quite legitimate. They are often vague or could be completed in a number of ways or to different standards.
EG: Do SEO on my site

  • This could mean the buyer simply wants a plugin installed and set up - probably under $10-15.
  • The buyer could also be expecting that the result will be that they rank number 1 on Google for 10 high competition keywords - probably a couple of thousand $$ (although they will definitely get offers to do it for $5)
  • The buyer may not know what they are asking but have heard that this is what they need to do (happens a lot in SEO).
    To spend a lot of time creating a proposal when the buyer wants to get his new site to rank number 1 for 10 high competition keywords with a budget of $5 is a waste of time. In this scenario I would always have to ask for a budget, perhaps giving some idea of what I usually charge and some justification. It means that we don’t waste each other’s time.

You will also find a lot of “make money online” sites will suggest that the seller should always ask for a budget because you could get lucky! I suspect this is the reason behind sellers asking at times but it does not mean all sellers do so. Always remember that if you dislike a seller’s approach you can simply ignore it and move on to someone else. Different sellers do things differently and so you should find people you feel most comfortable with.

Gina’s example is a case of Bait and Switch which is not allowed and the seller should be reported for it.


I sometimes ask for a budget, especially if I think the seller doesn’t understand the work involved in some of their requests, or if I think they’re getting carried away during an initial requirement gathering conversation when they realise what’s possible.

I do it because I’m good at working out what the underlying outcome is that someone wants and I might be able to offer them a different solution if I understand their constraints.