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People Want Channels

So, I help people grow YouTube channels and edit videos. Now, almost every day, I see this kind of buyer request.

“I want someone to make a YouTube channel and make videos on any topic. At least one video a day. Whatever you earn, you pay me and I’ll give you $5 for every video. Also, editing, thumbnails and everything is your responsibility. Serious sellers only!”

Like, are you in your right mind? Why don’t you work hard for yourself? This could be considered an investment at some point, but $5 every day? This doesn’t work after 100 subscribers or even if you’re living on your own money!



100% agree. There are many crazy YouTube Buyer Requests. For example, “I want my YouTube channel monetized for $5.”

Crazy talk! It would cost $1000+ to promise monetization to a brand new channel. 4000+ watch hours is a lot! But, of course, they are only going to get an army of bots for $5, and then they will cry when their channel gets suspended for breaking YouTube’s policies.

I think many of those buyers do not know just how much work goes into a YouTube channel.


Completely unrealistic expectation for $5, even the video making portion of it. Halfway decent videos need research, scripting, several takes, editing and at least a few lower thirds and callouts. Takes some people north of a day’s work to get one of those done right. Shoot, I would expect way more than $5 just for the post-production stuff and I’m an amateur at best.

On a separate note, I’d love to employ your services at some point for my channel (no unrealistic expectations here :wink: )


There are those who demand 10-minute scripts for $5, serious sellers only…


It’s crazy. Yet so many persons are responding to these requests. I see some very outlandish request for $5 and I am like no way. I know persons want to get reviews but it is just too taxing. The job lock you down for days without the possibility of earning during that time. I just don’t think it is worth it. I wish more of us would just walk away. But it is what it is.


Honestly, when YouTubing is your passion, then it’s okay to work hard! But I mean getting paid $5 for something that I don’t like? That too, whatever I earn, you’re the one who takes it in the end? I mean this is some bad investing!

Scripts are not that bad of a thing. The annoying part is when someone tells you they want you to find:

  1. a topic
  2. clips
  3. voiceovers
  4. edit it
  5. upload it

Like, dang, I would start my own YouTube channel if I had to do all that!

Yeah, I don’t respond to such requests, but I see somewhat 20 sent offers in 10 minutes! It’s underselling by a lot!

It’s the “serious sellers” bit that gets me :rofl: Then again, we’ve all fallen into this psychological trap when starting out and didn’t know any better. Personally, I can’t take anyone “seriously” when they expect the world for $5. Just imagine, trying to run a quality business without putting in the requisite amount of funds.