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People want too much for too little


I enjoy writing web content for people-- really I do. But lately, I’ve noticed people writing to me, asking me to do way too much for what I’d consider way too little money.

I typically write 200 words or less for $5, for which I get $4. That’s understandable and I’m fine with that. However, lately I’ve been getting inbox messages from people who want to know if I’ll do their entire website’s content and then some (like email content, blogs), and they want 400-1000 words per, and they want these 20-40 pages worth of content by tomorrow, but don’t want to pay, so they say, “I’ll offer you $115 to do all of this.” Um, that’s not how fiverr works!

I write them back and tell them they need to follow my fiverr guidelines if they expect me to do their work…such that, if they want one post that’s 400 words, they’re going to have to pay the gig extra so I get say ~$20 instead of $5/$4 for that work. I also tell them that writing all their content (website/emails/blogs) is typically a full-time job for which one person would get paid $40K a year to do, and have weeks and weeks and discussions and meetings to accomplish. I love how these people expect me to magically know everything about their niche business!!! And do a whole lot of work really quickly for a mere pittance? I think not.

Anyone else experience this? What are YOUR thoughts?


Considering I love to write articles 1000 words for $4 or $3.82 after PayPal doesn’t bother me at all. I look at it as providing a service for my passion writing. Then again it depends on how long it takes to type a 1000 word article. For me it’s not long but with regards to over delivering sometimes the artichoke goes over by 200 or more words. What do I do…Deliver anyway. Do they Tip …Nope. Do I care …No. My experience knowledge has increased by writing some of the interesting articles for clients here on fiver that I am able to use that to generate my very own content.


Another haggler came over and guess what? he sounded more like the seller and he was literally demanding for what he wants because apparently he has the rights to place his offer too. Wow! I will never work with people like that. It is a big danger signal!


@voiceoverwork - I agree with you wholeheartedly. This seems to come up a lot in my voiceover and video gigs, but I can’t really blame them. It’s the nature of business to try to maximize what you get while minimizing what you give. But it is exactly as you stated: Sometimes, when we over-deliver and go the extra mile, we get loyal buyers who come back again and again and even give referrals. If I have the time, I do a and consider it an investment.



Don’t let it get you frustrated. It’s just a part of doing business. Someone always wants more for less, or for free. I get it every day and I’m sure others do as well.

Be professional, be polite, be up front. Stick to your pricing, provide good value and let the tire kickers go bother someone else!

Surely if someone wants something that isn’t unreasonable and you have the time, you can always give a bit more than offered. I’ve turned several “hagglers” into repeats, who no longer haggle, they just order straight up.

Good luck!


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cheezees said: I could not agree more.

Thank you ;)


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voiceoverwork said: I've turned several "hagglers" into repeats, who no longer haggle, they just order straight up.

Wow!! That is great! I will always avoid buyers who seem difficult in the first order it self because I know it is going to be troublesome, if not today, may some other time! ;)


At this point I stopped letting it frustrate me. I shake my head, laugh, and write back to them, letting them know there is no room for them in my queue right, but that I’d be happy to help them with smaller orders, smile, signature. And you know, I actually get some of them back, with smaller orders, who follow instructions… So, like aingham, some days I hate looking at the screen but usually it’s not all bad :slight_smile:


Do not also stick to ‘over-delivering’ too much because all you need to do to flatter them is a work that is outstanding within the scope of the gig. And of course good customer service! - See more at:

I could not agree more.


I’ve had a lot lately looking for sales copy, which I specifically have a separate gig for. They’ll message me after looking at my general article gig, which clearly states that it’s not for sales/web copy and then complain when I direct them to the different gig. I charge more for sales/web copy considering the type of work it is.

Oh and yes, there are those who want the extra fast without paying the extra.

On the other hand, I’ve also recently had people who have paid extra for less work because they know the true value of it and the work that goes into it. The good does outweigh the bad most of the time. I just seem to get the odd day where I’m getting annoyed at the screen.

It’s not just Fiverr though. There are a lot of people looking for everything for nothing. Unfortunately, there are people out there who do it and then expects others to follow suit. The best thing you can do is stick to your guns. The buyers may go elsewhere but at least you’re being paid your worth.


People try to haggle a lot. Just stay true to yourself and your prices, and don’t let people take advantage of you. Remember: All services on Fiverr are already extremely discounted-- So don’t discount your work more!


I have to say that I really hate when this happens to me! I’m agreeing that we offer services at a very discounted price and I will not do ‘‘over-delivery’’ where I offer more that what the gig description says what is being offered for a $5.

Honestly, $4 is nothing big considering all the time you may have to spend for redelivery of you are unlucky enough to have some buyers who are not happy with your work. I will also not delivery way too fast and I make it a policy to ask them to order extra gig if they need it real fast. It can be really frustrating when you need to do their work fast when there are other orders ahead.

Do not also stick to ‘over-delivering’ too much because all you need to do to flatter them is a work that is outstanding within the scope of the gig. And of course good customer service!

Some buyers are almost like friends they speak well and it is so easy to communicate with them. They come back very often for my services too.


I have had one today who has ordered a gig for a basic site. I have sent him the files (They are standard files with the buyers clickbank id encoded in them). He has written back stating he hasn’t yet posted feedback as it’s incomplete. But’s it not. He now wants the site installing for free ($10 extra) and me to host it as well!!! (Not even a service I offer and he knows this!!!) All for $0.


Reply to @gyoveg: contact CS right now! I have had enough with a ‘‘persuasive’’ buyer today giving me a lecture on how to run a business because he wants more to comply to his requirements for additional service and he ‘‘promises’’ huge amount of orders up to $100 a week! Liars! Im so glad I did not get any orders from him!

meetmarkweber said: I love how these people expect me to magically know everything about their niche business?!?!

I think the key is that they *don't* expect this. If this is how they run their business, they probably just want a load of junk content to fill the internet with. Spam-masters.

Maybe next time this happens (and it will) explain how they need to pay you for quality and if they don't want to, suggest they find a spinner who will pump out a ton crap for pennies. :)


I had a buyer message me, and he said that previously, I had made a 60 second video for him for only $5. He expected me to give him that discount again. I have never given somebody a discount like that, so it was clear that he was lying. I told him I knew what he was up to, so he called me a cheap s**t and started making fun of the fact that I work on Fiverr.


Reply to @alliemadison12: I’d “Like” that post, but would that really make any sense?

Off-topic, but this “Like” thing needs a major improvement. Especially when it first came out…you’d just be on CNN…

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Sorry that had to happen. The nerve of that guy! I hope for his sake those asterisks stand for “H” and “I”


Reply to @alliemadison12: happened to me a few days back when a buyer demanded me to give 80 or 90 comments for $40 when the actual offer is 68! He tracked my comments on fiverr forum and found an old post where I said I was giving offer for bulk buyers but that was a few months ago and he is expecting me to do the same now! Eugghh!