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People wanting high quality designs for cheap


I look on buyer requests to try to move one foot in front of another but it’s like people always want custom designs for incredibly cheap. I’m not sure what to do at this point because I spent 5+ hours on my illustration and I would be getting paid less than minimum wage for a design.

I don’t want to dish out sloppy work for cheap either as it’ll look bad on my portfolio as well. I really hate how fiverr has ruined expectations of design.


It can be grueling at first for new sellers for this reason if you are really good at what you do instead of like the many who cut corners.

BUT—here is some very good news.

There are many thousands of buyers on fiverr who are desperate for quality work. AND they are willing to pay accordingly.

AND— if you can produce truly good work consistently that is your own and not copied you will stand out like a sore thumb to buyers.

AND— in a reasonable amount of time you will rise to the top.

It works. I wish we had more new designers who put in the time and effort and talent.


It’s just so weird to see people saying that you shouldn’t put stock photos or other people’s work as your gig profile and have a poorly written description and those are the ones I see with lots of clients and positive reviews. It’s very mind boggling.


I suggest you turn on your portfolio settings on your gigs so buyers can see what you have delivered. It’s extremely important.


I have! I wish they had portfolio settings like they do with pro sellers so you can put projects you’ve done as well.


In start you might face difficulty.
But once you will spent a good time on fiverr you will be able to get good prices for your projects.
In start everyone face this issue, even offline businesses.
I wish you a very good luck


Quality is always Rewarded,

you will Definitely get orders from people wanting quality not quantity.


i think it’s good to think of the early stages as a kind of internship, something basically unpaid (barely paid) but useful for building your foundation. If you do great work during your apprenticeship whether you are getting pennies in Buyer Requests or having to fill very cheap orders, your portfolio will grow.

Some buyers will leave glowing reviews. A few buyers might even tip you. Some sellers climb through this stage faster than others, but generally speaking it does work if you keep at it. Those sellers who are putting up fakes and copycat junk might get good reviews and make money for a long time but when they do go down, they go down very hard. You can check the forum for people who’ve had accounts disabled after hundreds or thousands of reviews.

If you keep at it in any popular category, you’ll gradually get more out of it and eventually you can make a reasonable wage or better.


Don’t worry, your ship will come in.

I spent a lot of time looking for an artist to design websites. I had the programmer, the data base person, the office manager, I needed an artist. Over about six months, 20-30 people gave me their artwork, always they thought they were Michelangelo Jr. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I managed not to do either if the “artist” was present. LOL!

Finally my programmer suggested his friend. Inside I said, “Oh, good grief, another one with his friend. His friend who just happens to be the great artist! Can’t wait to see his scribbles and doodles!” And when the “artist” arrived, I don’t think he liked me (I was American in foreign country, but it was my little company. We were creating websites, and really needed an artist.) He set my “weird” alarm clanging!

But when I saw his artwork I decided to just leave him alone. No need to upset him. No need to be friends/pals! He and the programmer told weird jokes to each other, and I got the best design and creative art I have ever seen. He wanted me to double his salary at the start. I told him I couldn’t do that, that would be more than the programmer was getting, but I gave him 75% raise from his previous position, as he was getting not very much there. After about 3 months of art nirvana and a website that I could finally be really proud of, the art-man asked me for another raise, and I (stupidly) refused, because he then announced he had found another job at double his present salary at our office.

Yes, good artists are hard to find, a good one is a keeper. Mine got his salary quadrupled in just a few months, and he deserved it.


A potential customer wanted from me insanely sophisticated mods and design included (GFX work) for no money. Just move on on such cases. You won’t be able to change people. Or find another market — go to Switzerland.


hi rikkiijanae,

I have viewed your both Gigs and as a Graphic Designer i know your illustrations are more valuable and also can understand that you have spend more time for each vectors but you have priced for very cheap price for 10$.

In my experience i can give you 2 ideas to improve your earning.

  1. Use Gig price package method eg: for JPG and PNG basic price and Ai / PDF format standard price as little higher, with 3D effect and high resolution JPG and transparent PNG for Premium Package with higher price.
    This is just a Tip you should customize these packages as how you prefer… if any customers looking for Quality work they will order Premium one.

  2. It seems your good in illustration but you should analyze the market as what kind of illustration will be having more demand and more customers required and you have to Make that kind of illustration.
    as far as i know what you are selling now is not much more demanded.

if you have any clarifications pls inbox me.

Thank you