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People wanting profanities when you clearly state it's not offered?


I am 16 years old, and I have some voice-over gigs. In all my gigs I clearly state there there is no profanity allowed. I have never had problems with people requesting profanity until yesterday. A user ordered my Morgan Freeman gig, and sent me what I’d say is a pretty disgusting script. He did not contact me beforehand, so I had no way of telling him not too. I have never had to deal with this before, so I do not know what to do about it. I currently have never gotten a bad review, or have had to cancel any orders; so I don’t want to have to due to one mans ignorance! And today, I received 2 more gigs, both of which had profanities. (not nearly as bad as the first one.)

So i’m just wondering, what do I do about these gigs if the buyer can’t come to an agreement and want’s to cancel, or submit me a negative review when I had done wrong?



You are already doing the right thing by including it in your Gig description, but I would be sure to bold and highlight it just for added attention. It can only help! I would also be sure to mention it in your Gig video - this ensures that not once, but twice that you’ve noted this to Buyers.

While you can’t “force” a Buyer to listen to the Gig video or read the Gig detail, you can at least provide adequate references when an issue like these occur. There isn’t any room for arguing should they refuse to cancel, as you’ve already stated your terms on your Gig.

It’s against policy for a Buyer to push a Seller deliver something you don’t advertise (or advertise against). You can and are encouraged to prompt mutual cancellation - this will be done without any negative impact on your Level or Gig ratio.

If there is ever an issue, Fiverr’s Customer Service team will come to your aid should you need it because you’ve provided clear terms. Just be sure to provide screenshots on the conversation and your Gig description. This isn’t common, but I’m just stating is as a reference is this ever does happen to you.

Hope this helps and I wish you all the best with your voice over Gig. You sound great! :slight_smile:



Simultaneously contact customer service right away and offer mutual cancellation with a note “NO profanity sorry, please send revised script or accept refund here”. This way if he accepts GREAT, customer service will see that and know it’s already resolved. If he doesn’t accept? customer service will be able to react that much faster.

OFF SUBJECT… You are EXTREMELY Talented, by your voice I would have never guessed you were 16, you’re going to do very well here I’m predicting. I have also personally added you to my favorite sellers for future voice overs. GB


Offer to cancel the gig.

This is part of business, there are always going to be some jobs you have to cancel before you even get started. Not everyone will always contact you ahead of time.

Send a polite note saying why you are cancelling the job and just offer the mutual cancellation.

I would not even give them the option to send you a revised script as somenoe suggeseted about. Think about it, if they are careless enough to disregard your gig description, and depending on the nature of the profanity, you may just not want to work with this client. Even if they change their scrip they could possibly be a difficult buyer to work with and they will end up giving you a bad review with probalby some profanity in it, LOL.

Also, be prepared, everyone gets a bad review now and then. YOu are young, it’s part of doing business. It happens. You just let it go and move on and know that your average will weed those minor things out.