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People who are intrested on videos marketing this post is for you!


Hi everyone! i am an after effect expert 3 years of experience and seller level two on fiverr so

I will create an intro of (Whiteboard Write) for your website or products . It needs:

  • 3 images / videos

    -your logo
  • your texts, you can use your web, your number phone, your address etc. (maximum of 99 word !!!)

    -Url of the website or of the product

    Will be cool!

    you can see fromn where i bought the project PS: without sound track

    its cost me 25 dollars + sound track 11 dollars = 36 dollars

    so i am doing this gig just for 20 dollars !!! (if the price is too high for you plz tell me your suggestion about it )

    if you are intresting then just by my extras gig

    thank you

    here from where i bought the project

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Thank you for posting your information and link to your Fiverr gig, good luck with your Fiverr experience and keep posting back here to let us know how you are doing


Reply to @tn5rr2012: thank you very much