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People Who Don't Seem to Realise I Do This for Money

I’m usually a helpful person and I don’t mind answering questions, but now and again I get customers who I think are taking advantage. I have a propsective client who just keeps asking questions and says this is to find out which one of my gigs to order. When I answer another questions arrises and though he keeps saying he will place an order he doesnt and I’m really not sure I could help if he did.

Can I just block him, and if I do what does he see?


I suppose nothing, unless he tries to message again, then he’ll see something like “The seller cannot be contacted”.

I haven’t blocked a buyer in a while, but when you block spammers, it says:

Fiverr| Only visible to you

(username) can no longer contact you. If you wish to send a message, you will need to unblock (username).

This will not affect your response rate.

"Only visible to you"

Alternatively, you could send a custom offer that’s priced high enough to pay you for your past and potential future consultation, or a custom offer for an hour of consultation. :wink:


Have you thought about sending him a custom offer for a consultation gig? “I will answer 1 question for $5”? Rinse and repeat?


I have had that…and after a point, I just block them. I had a guy string me along asking for samples, which I provided in every possible way. He told me he could not open them or go to the links. He kept trying to get me to communicate outside of here. Blocked.

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