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People who retained their level


After the first Fiverr evaluation the seller who retained their rank might have seen a great increase in people contacting them + Sales?

Please share the experience whether you saw increase or decrease :slight_smile:


Fiverr has confirmed that a seller’s level has absolutely nothing to do with sales. NOTHING at all. Every seller has the same potential to earn sales, no matter what level they have – so long as the seller is willing to work hard to EARN their sales.

Seller levels are nothing more than a way for Fiverr to help buyers know which sellers are the most trustworthy, those who work the hardest, and those who are the most serious about achieving greatness on this site. It’s just a reputation level. It has nothing to do with sales.

Continuing this idea that seller levels either make it easier or harder for sellers to earn sales is completely false – 100% completely false.


Nothing should be different. Except you can no longer offer some of your gig extras if you lose a level, which can result in less sales if those extras offered something most people ordered.


Maybe you are right. but I am using Fiverr since last 6 years . as I have seen seller level effect lots on gigs ranking in search results


Why new seller doesn’t automatically get approached by the buyers? Most complain about this thing as a new seller/


New sellers don’t deserve sales. They need to work hard to earn them.

Unfortunately, most new sellers don’t want to do the work required to build up their business. They just want to skip over the hard work, and enjoy the the “free” income. They want the rewards without earning them. But that’s not how business works – and that’s certainly not how Fiverr works either.

Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. Most of the new sellers complaining about not having any sales also seem to be the same sellers that think Fiverr is an instant money machine – they think they can put up a gig, and get rich. That’s not going to happen, I guarantee it. Anyone who thinks like this might as well go find something else to do. Fiverr is going to be a waste of time for “those sellers”.

The sellers that have become successful here on Fiverr, have been here for a long time, and have worked their butts off to get to where they are now. They have EARNED their sales, they have EARNED their reputations, and I hope they are overloaded with thousands and thousands of orders.

The new sellers that have no seller reputation, no work ethic, no desire to market and promote their gigs, and no concept of a merit-based gig economy should get used to having no sales. Lazy, entitled people make terrible freelancers.


yeah i stronlgly agree with @jonbaas …hard work gives you “SALES”


Nobody gets automatically approached by buyers.

If new sellers have great gigs, they usually start making sales quickly. Because they’re good. However, if they’re “writers” who can’t write, designers who just steal designs from the internet, or those who think that offering background removal is a skill that’s going to make them rich, then no, they won’t be automatically approached by buyers.


Everything’s remained pretty much the same, sales-wise.

After retaining my level I’ve had 4 cancellations in one week (+ it looks like I have another one pending), though (no cancellations in 2 months before that). 3 of them being people I’ve worked with before who started to act completely unreasonable out of the blue.

The lowest I’ve ever gone with the cancellations’ rate has been 92% (usually it’s higher than that) but it’s like the minute I started to pay attention to that percentage everything started going downhill. :slight_smile:


Obtain/retain, the level was always a baked potato for me, literally has nothing to do with SALES.



Try reasoning the order problem with your buyer first, and then if you see that no progress can be made, offer cancellation.

Especially, with regulars they are friendlier and they would understand if you have “creative block”. Ask them for a couple of more days, and redo the work. However, never initiate refund if you sense that it is a great buyer. Maybe you did some mistake, fix it. It happens we all have some struggles (creative blocks) at some point.


That’s exactly what I do. Those were not regular buyers, though (like, 10+ orders regulars). But we’ve worked together once or twice and I didn’t expect “provide me with the free work or else…” situations to arise.

It’s like there are magnetic disturbances in the atmosphere that affect people or something. :slight_smile:


Sometimes I want to disagree with you but truth be told, you say it as it is. No curves, no bends, you just blurt out the truth. Most people find confronting the truth uncomfortable, I guess that’s why most don’t see it from your perspective. If you don’t mind, I’d like to learn a thing or two from you about business.


Did you report them to customer support, if they blackmailed you for free work?


Yes, I did. I got the traditional “we’re sorry it was your experience” and my cancellation rate went up 1% as it usually does.

The cancellation won’t count against you only if it’s a downright creepy situation (like threats to murder your entire family). Or some dude sending you his nudes to “photoshop” as an order. Which happened to me personally.

If it’s something passive aggressive like “just wait and see how many stars you will get” it won’t ban the buyer and it won’t leave your cancellation rate unaffected either.


Yes, that is right I agree :slight_smile: Without spending time and rather than money aiming to built a repute profile for start is better. Then money will come itself