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People Who says Do this and we will give you more work :D

Well In my approx 5 years in this field I had around 1000s of client who told me
" hey do these multiple task for just small amount and will definately recommend you or have more work after this"

I Know most of us are now AWARED with “MORE WORK” strategy But recently I visited my friend whose on fiverr as well and Was doing a whole 30 page brochure for just 10$, When I ask him “why did you qouted this low for such a good effort” He told me the client promised me that he got another 100$ project as soon as this project ends. Instead of telling him the fact I kept my silence and waited for him to feel that lose :smiley: after a month I met him and asked him what happen which he said that guy was a cheat lol :stuck_out_tongue:

My main point is I know we are doing some things in very low cost which is affordable for the clients but client should also take care of designers, developers and vice versa. Having some cheap strategy won’t be a big deal for us but would badly effect some sellers who joined recently

Who else agree with this ?


Don’t believe them - it’s all lies!

Do the work for what you think you deserve, not on the promise of loads of work in the future, because that may not come. :slight_smile:


Exactly, why focusing on something which you Might not get it in the end. :confounded:


It’s a learning experience for your friend. I know a lot of people who calculate themselves rich doing stuff like that. Usually they end up quitting altogether.

One of the oldest scams on Fiverr.
If they’re too cheap to pay for your work, it’s not a client you want to do business with, ever.


This might seem like a vagabond comment, but I still wish to share my story with you :confused:

Had a client who once asked me for the translation fee of an 80-page script. I took a sample, read it and finally estimated a price at around 450$—no response, and when I have finally decided to ask the potential buyer about his offer—he replied 150$. The lesson? Don’t accept anything that would belittle the quality of your services, because, in the end, you will not get that feeling of satisfaction for the time that was put into the projects.


I agree with aiexander.
I’m a veteran in my field, so I have a certain pride in my work.
One client was so abrasive with it, I flat out asked him “Do you also go into the Ferrari Dealer and ask if they’ll price match a Kia?” Got an lol back and never heard from them again.


That’s the spirit! :point_up:

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Sometimes that not always true, Finding the right designer can be the problem

Right now I cant even find a steady person to complete my t-shirt design that I wanted already paid and still pending another revised since March…

Now I have I working with another person to do my logos . I have the jobs ready, just need to right person.
So don’t always think, the clients are lying.

No I didn’t mean that buyers are telling lies all the time - my buyers are lovely!

It’s the false promises of future work which turn out not to be true which are being discussed.


Yup, it’s a few bad apples, certainly less than 1%.
But Fiverr also has measures in-place to help both sides.
The seller should be using their live portfolio and have good examples of their work, so the buyer can make an informed decision based on that. Between that and the ratings, you should get an Idea.

Fiverr has always been about low-balling. With that, there are some trade-offs to be expected.
You can walk into a brick-and mortar design shop and they’ll give you samples all day long. But you’re still paying for it, and it costs a LOT more than on here.

Fiverr fits a niche. And as sellers we cater to that niche-market. But there are trade-offs, nonetheless. Buyers, in-general shouldn’t expect the same workflow they get from a brick-and-mortar shop. We all have to make concessions in the service-style to keep the prices low. It’s not bad-service, it’s just different.


As much as I’d love to agree but luckily that not always the case. A client did ask me to work for relatively less than what I charge with the promise of more work at a better price and he did live up to it.

Could be you’re the exception that proves the rule? :wink:

Agreed, our work is value

i agreed with you. For a very small time we think we should step into this dark room but if we make our policy not to do that i think we can make a better strategy to avoid such scams


Thanks for your feedback, if you still stuck somewhere do contact us we might help you.

What i have done is made good friends on fiverr i have 3 buddy friends who i have visited in different countries. and what i believe you should not find a designer find a friend who cares about you :slight_smile:


I once had a buyer who came up with ridiculous ideas about the price. I told him ‘This side is called Fiverr, not Slaverr’. Then he told me that I have a problem with my attitude, lol.


Or lady luck just thought I needed something positive in life…either way I ain’t complaining :3

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I think the difference between you and what is being discussed here is those who require excellent work and a low-low price with the promise of loadsa $$$ if the seller just does this first one free/cheap.
Most professional business people would not accept orders on this basis so they would also not expect others to do so.

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Obviously I have to agree; see point 13 in my old post.

There are 3 ways to handle this:

  1. tell the buyer you’ll give a discount for the remaining work if the total is over $500 (or some other number)
  2. tell the buyer you have to treat each job on its individual merit to be fair to all your other buyers and so can’t offer a discount
  3. tell the buyer you’re going to have to pass on their project as you can’t afford to do it for that price
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