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People Who says Do this and we will give you more work :D


As much as I’d love to agree but luckily that not always the case. A client did ask me to work for relatively less than what I charge with the promise of more work at a better price and he did live up to it.


Could be you’re the exception that proves the rule? :wink:


Agreed, our work is value


i agreed with you. For a very small time we think we should step into this dark room but if we make our policy not to do that i think we can make a better strategy to avoid such scams


Thanks for your feedback, if you still stuck somewhere do contact us we might help you.

What i have done is made good friends on fiverr i have 3 buddy friends who i have visited in different countries. and what i believe you should not find a designer find a friend who cares about you :slight_smile:



I once had a buyer who came up with ridiculous ideas about the price. I told him ‘This side is called Fiverr, not Slaverr’. Then he told me that I have a problem with my attitude, lol.


Or lady luck just thought I needed something positive in life…either way I ain’t complaining :3


I think the difference between you and what is being discussed here is those who require excellent work and a low-low price with the promise of loadsa $$$ if the seller just does this first one free/cheap.
Most professional business people would not accept orders on this basis so they would also not expect others to do so.


Obviously I have to agree; see point 13 in my old post.

There are 3 ways to handle this:

  1. tell the buyer you’ll give a discount for the remaining work if the total is over $500 (or some other number)
  2. tell the buyer you have to treat each job on its individual merit to be fair to all your other buyers and so can’t offer a discount
  3. tell the buyer you’re going to have to pass on their project as you can’t afford to do it for that price


Just this week I got offered to work for $1.50/hour because the buyer claimed he had 5 months’ worth of work for me.

It sounded like a great idea, but after thorough calculations I had to decline because I would’ve been unable to deliver. More specifically, I would’ve died of starvation by month 3.


Lol I could understand bro they think that either we are quite rich or we haven’t got a dollar to earn :smiley:


Hi there,

You should do whats right.


they never make a come back just doing their job to lure us like a fish …lolll


Two days ago a buyer contacted me and requested banners for five social media networks, source files (PSD and AI), 2 variations and 24 hours delivery. I sad okay, the pricing is $60 if you want that done, he replied… “Are you serious, on fiverr things should be done for $5”.

My reply was, “Sorry but I need to decline your interesting offer” :slight_smile:


I got those “request” iswell, most of the time I say: ok, then the first couple of jobs will cost you the normal price, then we can talk about prices and you pay upfront, 99% of the time they vanish.


This buyer never replied me after getting this answer.



I really want to hear the response he gave back to you lol :smiley:

I don’t know why Client’s usually says YOU ARE RUDE or YOU GOT ATTITUDE Problem when we are simply stating what is actually true :joy: and more importantly they should praise us since we are quite polite with them even when they are rude :triumph:


My response to this kind of offer is I do not price or do work based on the promise of future work.


The funny people are those who are trying to talk in your language but use google translate so you receive a mix of words that doesn’t mean anything, though you try to answer accordingly to what you understood and then tell you that they don’t like your attitude :joy:


Lol I remember once there was a spanish client who accidently wrote in spanish which I replied him through Translator… He got happy and started talking spanish more fluently (in the amendments aswell) and more over started slangs which could not be translated lol :joy::joy::disappointed::laughing: