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People who want extra stuff for free

I know I just posted on here a few days ago, but this morning has been rough.

I have a full queue, and how many orders have I done? Zero.

Why? I’m dealing with messages from people who want free stuff.

The first one is insisting I agreed to do a whole bunch of time-consuming extras for no extra price. Wrong.

The second one is mad because I told him that ghostwriting will cost an extra $5 (which is pretty low for ghostwriting). He says I switched the price after I gave him a quote. Note that he has not ordered yet. He said he doesn’t want to “promote another’s name for work he paid for.” Um… what?

Anyway, just going to get that off my chest… I guess I can learn something valuable from this. I can learn how to better respect other people’s work and not try to call it cheap in order to get more stuff for free.

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As a seller on Fiverr, having these kinds of buyers is inevitable.

I wouldn’t let it get to me either! I would focus on delivering quality content and let those messages aside.

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That’s good advice. I can’t let it drain me emotionally.

Hi there @brejay! I agree with @thecreativeguys, that is quite normal in doing any business. Take a deep breath and try to act professionally. I learned a lot about doing business with that type of clients every day. Always fight to emphasize your working process, a scope of work that you both agreed and general procedure stated in your gig description and deliverables within packages. If you try to point out that sticking to the original scope of work is essentially good for cooperation, it will be easier to get through problems. The agreement is a “law”, and when you point it out in the first place, 80% of them will simply disappear without any reply, some will shout and acting like they shocked, but nothing special.

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Yup, that happens.

I usually set specific times on the day to answer questions that I know will take time for response.

I´m always online, so if I detect questions that clear and specific enough to give an immediate answer, I don´t hesitate and do my best to answer it.

Otherwise, with the number of questions I get per day, I might end up with the sun going down and I´ll still be replying messages instead of moving on with the work I have to do.

´´Lucky´´ me, I have to take several ´´breaks´´ due to the type of work I do (endless rendering) so I kinda take that time to answer the ones that need my full brain on it - haha.

Just chill and try to stay focus. Perhaps you could do 1 job, take a 10 to 20 min break, answer few questions and then move on to whatever is next.

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