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People would rather Sell or Complain than Improve their Gigs

If you look at the forum #s there’s 42K gigs being promoted, but only 1.7K gigs being improved.

If you’re looking for more sales, here’s a tip: ask people to help you improve your gigs. There’s a whole forum category for it!

Most of the folks in the forums are sellers, so they’re less likely to buy your gig. But this is supposed to be a helpful culture, so why not ask for us to help improve your gigs? This is a win/win situation. Fellow Sellers need to be helpful in order to become Top Sellers. And if you actually follow some of the advice, you’ll make more sales. Maybe you’ll become a Top Seller one day.

And it’s free!

The Eclectic Tech.

Haha, that is an excellent point!

My Fiverr Gigs gives at most temporary visibility for a gig, while improvements to a gig could bring permanent increase in sales.

I guess people are just lazy, or they don’t want to bother people.

I love helping people :slight_smile: Maybe some of the people who read this post actually followed my advice. So I’m going to the Improve My Gig to see… :slight_smile: