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People's experience with Fragglesrock?


I ordered two gigs, a boost to SEO to my book, and a press release written and to be posted to five media sites. The cost was $5 and $20. I was then contacted by fragglesrock and asked to pay more money, five days AFTER the gigs were already paid for, because fragglesrock had “just changed” his prices!!! WTH? It’s been two weeks, and neither gig has been completed. I tried to cancel, but fragglesrockrefused to cancel. I’ve contacted Fiverr and paypal in an effort to stop this transaction. Then, fragglesrock is telling me I need to give him my home address for the press release??? So I can get a bunch of SPAM from fragglesrock or whoever he wants to sell my address to?? ANYONE HAVE SIMILAR EXPERIENCE WITH fragglesrock? Do I have any other options?

Thanks. I’m out $25 and feel liking slamming Fiverr to all my followers!!!

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out other users is not allowed. Contact Customer Support. DO NOT open a PayPal dispute, it’s against the TOS and that will get your account automatically suspended.


Please do not call out Fiverr sellers in this forum by name but rather report the matter to customer service and have them address the matter.


The Ranting Pot isn’t for ranting?

I did try to contact customer support. Seven clicks later and I’m told to try to settle this with the seller. Maybe you guys missed the part about how the seller refuses to settle this, or provide the service I ALREADY PAID FOR.

I suggest you don’t threaten people that they’ll be automatically suspended for trying to follow YOUR OWN RULES. Telling me I cannot open a paypal dispute is ridiculous, it’s my account and my money. YOUR TOS is ridiculous for the buyer, written to protect Fiverr and the sellers. Here’s a thought, educate people with more than a link to “Contact Support.” Threatening people is unacceptable, and clearly not good business.



Reply to @clswinney: Sorry about your experience. You can always leave them a negative review warning people. As a seller, I would rather refund the $5 than get a negative review as I feel that is way worse. Also just so you know, Fiverr is definitely more favored towards buyers…


Ok, “you guys” is general. I guess when the “Sheriff” replies to a thread s/he only represents the “Sheriff” and NOT Fiverr. Ultimately, this is about the seller.

For the record, I did contact Customer Support AGAIN and I have not heard back. So again, for the record, I PAID for services I DID NOT GET and I AM NOT getting support from Customer Support or the Seller. I’ll be sure not to drop the sellers name on this forum, but I have no other option but to drop it on other forums. I can’t see how this is allowed to continue, but I’m not the “Sheriff.”


I know you’ll get mostly " You should call out…", but on the flip side, you are about the 10th person to post something about that seller… seems he/she gets around the bock.

mirenbaines said: you are about the 10th person to post something about that seller

fragglesrock is not a seller. It's what fiverr uses to replace the name was originally posted.


Oh well you learn something every day — I see. Hell I thought there was some phantom guy/girl messing with folks


A week later and still no response from Fiverr “Customer Support.” :-q


So here’s the problem, I use the same email and password I used for the account, which is the same info I used to get to this point right here to write to you…Yet, I cannot get into Then, I enter the same email address and click on “forgot my password.” I click submit, but I never get an email… to the same email address I used to get into… This is going on over a month and I get the run around over and over. And no resolution. BEYOND FRUSTRATED. I’d like to communicate with a supervisor. Is that possible?


Reply to @clswinney: Have you created an account there before? You need to create an account with your Fiverr email to connect the two together. At least, that’s why I had to do a couple of years back.