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Pepperidge Farm cookies and coffee

That’s what I’m munching/drinking while I type this at my office, and I’m in the middle of my break.
Yup, it’s a Saturday, a huge storm is approaching Japan and here I am working.

I never had the toasted marshmallow cookie from Pepperidge Farm, but it’s quite delightful.

What snacks are you all munching on right now?


Cough drops, sore throat spray, potato chips, and homemade chocolate cake. I should go back to my vegan diet again before I get fat…

Right now, Oreo doughnut & Nutella croissant with a glass of milk :heart_eyes: I guess that’s a whole breakfast, not a snack :smiley:

OK, for snacks I usually have dark chocolate crepe dentelle - they’re so friggin delicious!

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Some healthy snack bar, didn’t see the name, full of nuts, fiber, etc.

…cough drops??? throat spray???
yikes, are you getting sick?? maybe honey lemon tea might help!!

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Actually, I was sick about two weeks ago, I am still recovering from it, lol