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Perceived as misleading, spammy, or illegal ? BS!

How are my ads getting flagged as perceived as “misleading, spammy, or illegal” when they are not and to prove it there are others here on the site with very similar ads selling the same products for years and selling loads at that.

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I have had this same issue. Had a gig online for unlocking iPhones. Nothing illegal about it but was removed after it was active for over a month.

Now if you do a search for “iphone unlock” you will find any other gigs posted offering the exact same service. Not removed and some are older than the one I had online.

I have sent several messages to Fiverr support about the issue and even provided links to other gigs violating the same thing I apparently was and they keep saying we will take care of this but in over a weeks time they have not.

Fiverr is discriminating against some users it would appear and not others.

If they are going to make an effort to remove one they should take the time to remove the others.

Hi, what exactly you are selling… ? make sure your gigs are under fiverr terms and conditions, also you can simply contact fiverr support they are quick and helpful :slight_smile:

“1500000 million facebook emails” which others are selling facebook emails on here also so I dont see the problem. The other was “1 million adult niche emaillist” which I also saw someone on here selling. I hate waiting for support that will I bet give me a stupid answer anyways.

Yes. I can safely say that selling E-Mails is breaking the Fiverr terms of use.

As for other sellers selling the same gigs… They probably have what I call Grandfather gigs.

In a nutshell, they created these gigs before Fiverr was as strict as it is now. Because the seller hasn’t updated the gig, it’s still active. Sooner or later they will go as well.

Thats not true at all because some were approved 1 day ago. Look here

I have heard Fiverr has a big problem letting one person do something and not letting the next person do the same thing or similar which is completely unfair and deserves a lawsuit or something.

Reply to @madmoo: No its 1,500,000 which is million not billion.

This is some real %^$%^$^% BS guys. Now Fiverr has pulled another one of my gigs claiming some other BS. “violate the terms of a third-party service or website” But funny thing is it was a ad titled “Scrape emails from any site you want using atomic email hunter” but tons of others have ads for scraping emails and yes some are new ads and some are old.

Reply to @madmoo: Your correct,my mistake what I meant was “1500000 facebook emails” million five hundred thousand, which is what the ad title said that I submitted so back to my issue of my ads getting taken down unfairly. I really think this is some big $#%# BS and my ads should be put back live as long as everyone elses are live.

I am sorry you are having issues but fiverr is cracking down on these types of gigs and in the long run it is there website so we have to play by their rules

Reply to @madmoo: I have emailed them and got no response and emails or not others are doing it with new and old ads.

Reply to @madmoo: I wish I could say they have but they have not but that was expected as I have friends that have had the same BS from Fiverr staff.

Reply to @internetgod69: Fiverr offers support on the basis of level of seller, means a top rated seller gets priority support followed by level 2 and 1 , so just wait you will get a reply.

Ouch that sucks. :confused:

Do tell us about Fiverr’s reply :slight_smile:

I honestly think it’s how it’s worded and the fact that it is quite a large volume. The word email is a contact word and it’s deceptive. it’s misleading making people think of outside contact. You also have to consider how you word the description. More than 2 or 3 times using the same word in a paragraph is like trying to use a code word A lot of these social networking and mail gigs, while their great and all are using software and bots to actually do the work. I don’t know why advertisers order them when they’re just going to flood peoples spam and inbox with garbage. So yes please tell us Fiverr’s reply I’m curious. I always wondered their gig description algorithm.

You are not allowed to sell emails, that is not only unethical, but it is ILLEGAL.

Yeah id be pretty miffed if my email was there. Selling email addresses is illegal in many coutries when you do not have the owners permission to do so.

At the risk of getting your ire.

I would suggest you spend less time with your other “friends” who are bitching and whining and rather find a business that passes muster. There’s a lot of peeps on fiverr doing very well by doing good. I agree with fiverrs TOS of your gigs.

As far as gigs being 1 hour old and approved, that has more to do with autoapproval than anything. You’re looking to have been cheated and so it seems you are.

Selling email seems to be okay for spam websites :frowning: Wish they would get rid of them too.

Like I said if I cant sell emails then no one should be able to or its just discrimination and no they still have not replied to my email cause they cant. What are they going to say?