Percentage of fees from fiverr is not fair 20% no matter how high it is?


Why is the percentage not scaled as the price of work goes up? It stays at 20% whether it is $5 ot $75 and that can really take a tole on us, especially with packages and higher priced jobs. People still want there work per five bucks. They expect us to do that same amount of work going up but we are basically doing it for free when fiverr takes a whole 20%.

I recently did a $70 job and only got $56. That is a large chunk of change to take as a fee from fiverr. Feel like we are being screwed on fees when we do more expensive jobs. Why is that not scaled to lower the percentage as the job price increases to compensate for the change?

Just don’t feel like that is fair when every other freelancing work site does the scale percentage when they take one. I know when I do $70 worth on their sites, I won’t get that big of a junk taken out.

I think this is a great platform, just that part of it sucks for us freelancers.


If you’re not getting paid what you think your time is worth, why not raise your prices? Do less for each $4 that you actually earn. Fiverr only demands that gigs start at $5 (and it doesn’t even do that across the board anymore), it doesn’t dictate how much work you have to do for each increment of $5. You get to decide what you offer for that amount of money, knowing full well what you’ll make are the end of the job. If you feel like you’re not getting paid enough, charge more.


Welcome to The Hoary Old Chestnut Show, where family favorites are never left out in the cold! This week, we’re looking at the scandalous 20% fee you don’t pay unless you get work, and don’t have to accept, but can rage against pointlessly yet again! Grab your pitchforks, it’s going to be a wild ride…

I solved this by charging lots of money that I felt happy with, and not moaning about it. Onto the next person!


More seriously though, those other sites might not take such a big chunk that you feel when it comes to your actual payday, but what about all those little tacked on extras, premium features, tests, “bid buttons”, subscription barriers and God knows what else? As a freelancer, working on any of these sites means you’re going to get nickel and dimed. Unless you want to–and have the talent/ethos/dedication/etc–to strike out on your own and make it a success, then you just have to accept it. And raise your prices to counter the great cash grab.

Moaning about it on a forum accomplishes absolutely nothing. It is fun, though. I’ll give you that.


Working on other sites I actually get paid a lot more for the same work I produce here on Fiverr from elsewhere. However, the one thing I don’t have a problem with is Fiverrs commission. Compared to the other platforms I work on I get a lot more business here and am happy to pay 20% for opportunity to work here. As a plus I don’t have to bid for work.

If you have a problem simply try and set up your own site in order to get orders. (Hint. Tried it and I still get more consistent work here.)


Next week is a double feature so you’re in for a treat! We’re doing “I pay Commission on Tips?” followed by a buyer favorite - “Fiverr should be Renamed Tennerrr!!!”


Mary, I have the perfect solution for you!
I know a web design firm that will make you a cool website for just $500! Then you can buy a domain at GoDaddy ($9.99 for a regular one, $1,000+ for a premium domain).

You’ll also need hosting, Hostgator charges $9 a month.

You’ll need to start a blog for SEO purposes. Hate writing? Just hire a few freelance writers, let’s see, one blog a day for $5 a day, wow, it’s just $150 a month!

Let’s not forget your Google Ads to draw traffic, maybe $5 a day? Perhaps Facebook ads for another $5. Just $300 to advertise on Google and Facebook (we can forget Twitter and the other places). So for only $818.99 (not counting monthly charges), you can have your very own Fiverr and keep 100%.

Or you can pay Fiverr $14.

P.S. $14 is not a large chunk of change.


My first 10 years of freelancing i didn’t have a website for my business and in 10 years i spent a total of 8 euros on advertising. Still did really well (better than i do these days at least).
Just saying in some cases the independent route can be cheaper and more profitable but usually requires sacrificing all spare time as you will be doing everything yourself on top of the actual paid work.


the problem is that people want a lot from us for EVERY five dollars involved, whether it is 5 or 80 dollars. They want that work in there. It is not something that raising prices can solve.


That was a jerk response for sure. I just think that it is ridiculous to have it at 20% for higher priced jobs as well. This was called the ranting pot. Was not expecting so many other sellers to attack and be mean. Especially since you guys know the game and how buyers treat us sometimes. We put up with a lot for every five bucks and they want their moneys worth for EVERY five dollars so more expensive jobs mean less money for our time actually. And it is funny how many people see fiverr as the good guy… They are making a lot of money off of our hard work!


Shocked at some of the sellers responses… I was ranting about something all of you should understand the frustration and how buyers want their work regardless of what is being taken out and they don’t always leave a tip for the extra work we do. We are what keeps fiverr going. They should fix that percentage scale. But they won’t because sellers are happy to take the hit and fiverr is happy to take more than enough. Excuse me for not being happy with 20% being taken out. I guess that was reason for the jerk responses from a couple of you. Whatever!!


nobody was moaning here. I was ranting… it is the ranting section that I posted in. There was no need to be a complete jerk. Like I said below, excuse me for not being happy with 20%! Of course we have to deal with it but we don’t have to be happy about it.


Yeah… I have been doing this for a while now thanks… and I don’t get nickeled and dimed anywhere else like I do on fiverr or get such a large portion of earnings taken out.


I also work on ******** and several other sites… I find that people pay a lot more for the same work as well. I am just getting fed up with spending so much time on jobs for fiverr and having so much taken out at the end of the day that I have to wonder if it is even worth my time or if I should just be focusing on other sites that I make more money per hour on. Decisions… Thank you for the nice response. Everyone else seemed to have only smart mouth things to say. :slight_smile:


Ranting/moaning, same difference. I see your sense of humor went with the 20%, too.

P.S. calling everyone a jerk tends to get jerk responses.


“you will be doing everything yourself on top of the actual paid work”

Right, work you’re not even getting paid to do. So you’re wasting your time cold calling, going to Chamber of Commerce meetings, maybe spending $300 to join professional associations (like the COC), and then you get no clients.

With Fiverr, they find you clients, you do the work. You’re making 80% with them, 0% on your own.


No, it was an honest response based on my life experiences and common sense. Yes, it’s a ranting pot, not an AA meeting. At AA, you’re not allowed to talk back, here we can.

If you don’t like people responding, write a diary and keep it offline.

Yes, buyers treat us like crap sometimes. So what? I’ve been treated like crap by bosses, employers, coworkers, and customers, but at least here I can fire the jerks. I’m not one of those offering “unlimited revisions,” that’s not worth my time.

Furthermore, you’re supposed to TRY to deliver quality, some sellers don’t even try and that’s unacceptable. Yes, the basic order is $5, and if you can’t make $5 in 5 to 15 minutes, you’re doing the wrong gig. So either speed up or tell your buyers that for $5 they get an idea, a rough sketch for example, and for $25-$50 they get the full work.

Furthermore, Fiverr IS the good guy! Fiverr is the reason I don’t have to suffer Nazi-like bosses and Auschwitz Advertising Agency anymore. Seriously, are you a socialist? Because you write like a socialist, you think life is a charity? You think people owe you anything? Wrong! They owe you nothing! Fiver is a TRADER, they let you trade here because it’s good for them AND it’s good for you. If it wasn’t good for you, you wouldn’t be here. That’s Capitalism, it’s a mutually-beneficial relationship, and any business that doesn’t benefit their customer will not be in business for long.

If I go to Burger King and the line is too long, the service too slow, the restaurant too dirty and the burger too unappetizing, then I’m going to Chipotle instead.

If you disagree with them, then go work for Auschwitz Advertising and when you have a boss screaming at the top of his lungs and making you cry, as I’ve seen it done to others, then you’ll remember me and Fiverr.


I’m going to throw in my 2 cents about it and try not to be a jerk, but just state some information. A while back, I opened a business at the mall, I had a niche and I set shop at the mall for one reason… Traffic. Now I only had those Kiosk… and the mall charged HUGE amount of money for it… $1500 a month for a Kiosk! And during the holiday November December the price went up 2000% to $20,000 for $40,000 for 2 months. I’m not joking. For November and December they charge KIOSK people $40,000… makes you wonder how much the stores pay…

Now I can argue, and say its outrages which it is… Super super outrages, and I can say I am the back bone of the mall if I didn’t open my niche here or other stores didn’t open their business. Then no one would come to the mall. Its a rational argument, I can then say if we collectively speak out then the mall would lower their prices…

In reality be it Fiverr or the Mall or any type of “market place” we can even say a street corner that is established as a market place. Has no bearing on the people that breath life into it. Take Uber for example… How many drivers are saying they are not paying them enough and taking high commission etc… and using the same argument that without them Uber wouldn’t be uber, but at the same time… They wouldn’t have access to the people without Uber… The incentive was there for them to join in the 1st place.

My point about this being can be happy or can be unhappy… It won’t change matters. Fiverr has the traffic and we provide the merchandise. They get their cut for leading customers to us the sellers, and we get the rest of the money for providing the service.

The conditions are not the most favorable SOME of the time, most of the time experiences are pretty pleasant. Then again you can encounter this type of problems weather your here or dealing with any customer/client/consumer situation.

So we have a choice, can keep paying the dues or we can close shop. The decision won’t effect fiverr, because there will always be someone to fill the void. I am saying all of this as information. Regardless of how I feel about it, I am here for the reason that I open shop and clients come to me. I don’t have to chase them, I have my display and I pay for the customers that are directed to me. Just my 2 cents.


I’ll tell you my own experience.
Marketing our stuff online is an insanely time consuming and difficult task. There’s a huge competition and there are people with far better skills and websites than what I can have right now. I have tried posting on forums and websites and tried marketing my stuff even offline. It worked. I won’t say it was a failure or anything. But the time taken for all of that can be surely utilized for learning new skills, making better designs and even spending it with my friends and family. Plus I was afraid I might just cross the line between self promotion and spamming. So I’m glad that on Fiverr, I can just sit on my desk, have people approaching me for their work and spend all that time working on awesome stuff and in the process, build my own portfolio.

I will agree to a certain extent that sometimes that 20% feels like a lot. Especially if you have an order worth, say $500 and you have to forget about the $100. But when i consider the amount of effort and time I’m saving, I let it go. I’m ok with it. For smaller orders, it feels even more insignificant. I have a full time job and my earnings on Fiverr are only for my fun needs and at times, pay my bills and stuff.

And plus there’s always an anxiety whether the client is going to pay up properly in time. Since money is already locked on Fiverr, there’s little scope for error there. I’m sure you know how annoying it can be when the client is making excuses to delay payment.

What I do is that I keep promoting both my Fiverr and personal websites on the Internet. If I get work on my personal website, great. If I get work on Fiverr, still great. I offer different kind of services on my personal website and on Fiverr since my gigs on Fiverr are ‘Exclusive to Fiverr’. I would want to keep both my options open.


I’m not sure I understand what you mean. You’re in charge of how much work you offer for each five dollar increment. Buyers may want you to give them disproportionately more work when they pay a higher price, but you don’t have to give it to them. When you make $56, you should only do fifty-six dollars’ worth of work.