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Perfect Delivery yet Buyer Requested Cancellation of Order

I am a graphic designer. I got this order some days ago and I worked on it as I was directed by the Buyer. It required recreating a similar design. He gave the sample and I brought it out perfectly. He requested for mutual cancellation of the order with the reason that "He is disappointed.

I eventually cancelled it yesterday though but i’m still pissed. I’m thinking he scammed me

Why would they cancel? The answer is simple - because they took a chance to see if you would accept the cancellation, which you did, now on they go to the next seller with their credit and the encouragement to do it again.
If you deliver the work, don’t cancel. If you get an unfair review then go to customer support and ask them to remove it.

You send all the files when you deliver? I usually send the logo or design on a mock-up first specifying that the final files will be released as soon as we are done with the revisions. That way if they are not happy with the design and they want to cancel they only have the design placed on a t-shirt or a book or something similar. They will not be able to use them.

New to Fiverr here. But if you send the mock-up first, and then the full deal after they’re happy with it. Couldn’t they still cancel right after you send the whole thing? How would you go about preventing such scams?

If they are happy with the design and they request all the files and they still require cancelation I can refuse the cancelation request. I have proof that they were happy with the design and that is why they accepted all the files.

If they try to scam you even after you send all the files you can always contact the Customer Support and report him because it’s not ok. :slight_smile:

I hope this helps.

Same thing just happened to me! Sellers are not protected against this kind of buyers, they request cancellation without any good reason yet they get it what they want!

Just to parrot what eoinfinnegan said: If you delivered the gig according to the instructions you were given, why would you agree to cancel!? You’ve got to stand up for yourself and your work.

Thanks everyone for the replies

Yeah unfortunately they exist on here, sucks but you get used it.