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Perfect example how buyers have the upper hand over sellers!

This situation clearly proves how buyers will always have the upper hand over sellers on Fiverr.

Long story short, I provided a marketing report with 3 different files for a client and delivered a few hours early. After I delivered I had to hop on the road and run some errands so I signed off the Fiverr app. About 15 min after I logged off, the client I just provided the reports for was very upset because she was expecting 3 reports but was wondering why I only had sent one. Little did she know that when on mobile, you need to swipe to the right to view multiple files that were sent. She wasn’t aware of that so she messaged me a few times all within minutes then getting very irate claiming I’m scamming her and the whole time I had no idea since I was on the freeway.

She contacts support and claims she was scammed and had not received her reports. Once I sign back on (which one hour has went by) I explained to her I wasn’t scamming her and she had to swipe to view all the reports. I asked why she would contact support with such a short amount of time that had passed and without talking to me first. She realized what the issue was and apologized and claimed she contacted support again to explain.

Of course, Fiverr automatically rewarded her with all her money back and she gets all the reports for free. I was shocked, I sent multiple screenshots and knew I had a very good chance for this to get reversed. I went back and forth with support and he was very nice and understood what I was saying.

Long story short he basically said he couldn’t do anything because the review team had already made the decision. I asked him if this was fair to him, he basically could only apologize because he knows they messed up and that it’s out of his hands. I just let it go and could only shake my head about the whole situation. If you want a gig for free, I guess you just say you never received it and you will get it for free. Definitely a very scary scenario for sellers because you literally have no support behind you even though you did everything the right way.

Definitely makes you think twice about selling on Fiverr.


I’m going to offer an alternate explanation that might or might not be accurate.

It could be something completely different that made the fiverr team decide to refund her money to her. They won’t tell you exactly what it is.

It might be they saw that something was missing or there was something else. Just a guess based on some extensive experience. I don’t know of course and it could be simply an unfortunate mistake as you said.

You can figure out a way to prevent this from happening again, by trying a different method of delivery or telling them that they need to swipe to the right to see all the reports.


Yeah, this happened to me a few times as well. And buyers immediately turn to accusations in these scenarios. “What did YOU do?” and so on. And yes, these situations tend to occur when I’m boarding a plane or am in a hospital with someone.

I have to write long messages with screenshots to clarify that they got a complete delivery and this is how they can get it because the last thing you need is a buyer screaming about incomplete deliveries on your page. You can get a warning from fiverr for an incomplete delivery.

I’m shocked that they refuse to do anything about your situation, OP. They sometimes compensate cancelations and that is clean-cut case of when it should’ve been done.


You can also contact that client and explain her that, since the order was cancelled falsely, she has no legal rights to use the delivery in any way. Since it’s a marketing report I am guessing this could be for a (small) company? Any -at least semi-professional- company should consider to pay for a service. Of course you can’t force or legally threaten her and compensate the negative impact of the completion rate but maybe she has common sense and she does pay for the service she got after she took your money unrightfully. Send her the same offer again, if she accepts deliver the files and finalise it as it should be.


I’m so sorry this happened to you. A similar situation happened to me and the CS could not reverse the situation as well. In my case, the buyer was working for another client as an intermediary. The final client changed his mind and wanted to cancel half of the work that I was supposed to do (the amount of words to translate and record). So, the buyer asked me for a partial refund. I’ve contacted CS and asked if there was any possibility to do that, since the translation was already done. They told me that the option of partial refund doesn’t exist, so my best option was to ask the buyer to place a new order with the correct amount of words and then, ask to the CS to cancel the previous order. They advised me just to ask the order cancelation after the new order be placed so I could guarantee my payment. I answered to CS with words of appreciation, saying that I would explain everything to the buyer and that I would be back to them after the buyer place the new order. They made a mistake and canceled the previous order immediately. I contacted CS again saying that they made a mistake and that the buyer had more than 2000 words translated for free. They apologised and advised me to contact the buyer again and ask him the favor to place the order and pay for the work already done.

My best advice to you is to create a template for your delivery message asking the client to let you know about any issue with the download of the files or something similar and wait for your feedback. Since I’ve done this I never had any trouble.


Yikes. Sorry this happened to you!

I’ve had clients go off at me before over similar things. For example, I’ve had clients get confused about the difference between the order page and the inbox. So they’ll go to the inbox to look for the delivery and ask why I haven’t delivered yet.

Luckily I’ve never had a buyer escalate the situation that quickly - I mean, jaysus. She must’ve been having a bad day :sweat_smile:


What if you ask them to escalate the matter and ask them to send it to finance department to see if the can compensate you for the work that you did as it was obviously their mistake? (That they even admitted)


That is just sad. Happened to me also. Once my order was cancelled after two months of completion from support. Upon inquiring, they just said maybe it was a bank issue. Like what? I got to do the work, the buyer got his documents for free and then I was out of money again.
I agree that buyers bring revenue to fiverr, but if we sellers stop providing our services, there won’t be any buyers. Fiverr needs to provide some fairness to the sellers too.

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