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Perfect GIG Image Preview Size


Hi there,

I plan on updating my preview images and decided to check if the preview images size has changed.

I see that different people are using very different sizes, 1800x1211, 2200x1480, 1914x1292, 1000x673

Is there a recommended size by Fiverr? or a ratio at least?



I use 550/370 PX …


This says at least 690*426. That would be 1:1.62, the golden ratio.

It may be outdated, but less than a week ago I stumbled upon a template that was helpful. It showed how the image got cropped as seen in search results, on mobile, on your gig page, etc. I thought I saved it but guess not; let me look.

I’ve made the mistake of really just approximating so I need to go back through my images and fix 'em so they look great.


Ooh, ooh, bingo!


Hello @congruentgraph , i would suggest to use at minimum 608 x 410 throughout all gig images.

There are some changes in gig image dimension after update, so you might want to check the “approximate” size of the gig image by looking on the page source.

Until i write this post, the exact dimension of the gig preview image is 608 x 410 (see the callout above image and the padding on the right).

You’ll need to render your images about 1920 x 1295 for the best quality on full-screen preview.

I’m using the dimension that i mentioned and it working perfectly :grin:


Thank you very much! this is perfect!


Thank you! that was just what I needed!