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Perfect Gig image size?

Could you please explain about perfect gig image size, that perfectly fit to gig image display


Most probably 1,600 by 1,076 still there will be a white space left but my teacher told me that’s the perfect size!


Width 550px by Height 370px is perfect. Take some padding in you content area.

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But it’s low resolution, i think it would effect quality of gig image.

Make your image Width 550px Height 370 and resolution 300 px/inch. It will be perfect.

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Will my client have high bounce rate if I put high resolution pictures?

how many pixel/inch you want to mean???

Let’s say if it is 400 Px/inch

High resolution and eye catchy images gives great impression.

Obviously always try to use eye catchy image for attention.

Can you please tell us some tips to make images eye catchy?.

550 Pixels by 370 Pixels(Minimum). You can use the multiple of this size and it should fit perfectly to gig image display.

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1380852px This will be the most perfect size for your image. Because it is double the fiverr supported 890426 size. It will also have a better image resolution.

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550 Pixels by 370 pixels

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Focused your gig title on image, use eye catchy object in about your service, which you want to provide. Just simple but informative and show, how much you skilled in this service.

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1600 x 1076 is the perfect size for gig image

550 Pixels by 370 Pixels Minimum size range. If you use 710 by 460 you will get perfect size, which I use

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perfect size 550px width, 370px height gig for image. :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Perfect size 1600*1076

Perfect size 550x370 is better