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Perfect Gig SEO Title

I want to know about the Gig SEO Title in detail.
As an example, My gig title is “I will design modern logo design”
What should be the perfect SEO Title?
Please suggest to me.
Thanks in advance.


Hi @bappasharma94, the perfect SEO title is one to consider with hundreds of other titles on Fiverr which are almost the same. Thus Fiverr doesn’t always put you according to the SEO optimization, it can also depend on your rank (Level seller) and the amount of reviews that you have on your Gig or Profile

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thank your post, I’m your fan,

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There is a free plugin for chrome called word tracker scout , download it

then go to fiverr search box and enter your keyword for what you wanna rank, for example " SEO Expert india " in Fiverr Box , once all gigs are loaded on first page, only then run the application and you see the keywords-list based on Relevance …in wordtracker app, cool HACK :wink:

Remember Fiverr Rank yours gig based on relevance there is no rocket science, most people dont know what to enter/ADD in Gig title , so now run the above app and see the data and keywords based on relevance , simply add 7to 10 keywords in your gig and its discription, thats my friend is the secret formula to Rank any gig,which im revealing after 5 years

2/ Add a short video by creating on canva for free

3/ Dont copy paste someone else gigs title discriptions, be uniqe

4/ Add word FREE in thumb-nail and Time line

5/ Example SEO TOP Rankings in 30 Days , or its for FREE

Best of luck, Lets ROCK :wink:


Boss please describe briefly plezzzz

It should be something unique and sorry about that, yours looks quite common

Oh, SEO is a quite difficult thing. You have to read alot about it

Bro do you use SEO GIG Title??

Ohh, thanks s lot. It’s very helpful for me.