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PERFECT Mother's Day Gift!

Stop looking around for the perfect Mother’s Day gift! I think I have exactly what you need. :slight_smile: What do you think about an original hand painted miniature painting of anything you want? It could be…

  • Your mom’s favorite flower
  • Your family pet
  • You!
  • A picture you’ve taken
  • A place you’ve gone
  • Or anything else!

    Best yet, the first 10 people to order the base gig, and mention their mother, will get the miniature easel INCLUDED with their order (free of charge! A $5 value!).

    Check out my gig! :slight_smile: Would love to make this Mother’s Day shopping a piece of cake for you! :slight_smile:



Don’t forget about Mother’s Day! Any order made today or tomorrow (US only) will arrive before Mother’s Day! :slight_smile:


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