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Perfect Ratings but Low On Time Percentage


I’ve done about a dozen gigs now and I’m a level 1 seller now, but I see that my “Completed On Time” percentage has dropped to 31%. I have 5 star ratings from every single buyer. I didn’t realize the importance of this, and I took too much time communicating with the buyer to make sure I had the exact idea of what they wanted. On the plus side, I have a bunch of happy (hopefully return) customers and they rarely request revisions - but the negative side is that my On Time percentage is shattered now. I’m fearing that this is the reason I’ve stopped getting gigs, and I don’t know if there’s a way to bounce back.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks.


It sounds obvious but start delivering on time.
I believe on time percentage to be very important in rankings and frankly, there really isn’t a valid excuse for having such a low rate. Now and then sure, it can happen but to only deliver 3/10 order on time is very poor.
To fix it, you need to either increase your deliver time or really focus on getting things done. If a buyer is not responding, send a request for additional time through the resolution center.
Also, I would suggest upping your number of words per gig to encourage some more sales for a time.
Finally, remember that the on time percentage is based on the last 60 days and that with just a few orders you can dramatically improve it. Aim for above 95% on time.


I definitely will start delivering on time or requesting extensions. That’s something that I learned in only the last couple of orders. Good news, my on time rating is actually 50% now, but I know that’s still not good. I’ve raised my words included and I just hope I get more orders coming in. Nothing yet. I feel like turning level 1 was a bit of a curse or something.


I saw your #1 gig, it says “3 Days Delivery.” If I order it, I expect a 3 Days Delivery, ideally I would like a 2-day delivery so I have 24-hours to demand revisions. Of course, Fiverr gives me 3 days to review the work I got or to demand modifications. That’s another reason why delivering early helps.

Say they order on Monday, you deliver on Wednesday, the client demands a revision on Thursday, you deliver again on Friday. Look at all the days you’ve wasted! But if you deliver on Tuesday, and do the revision on Wednesday, then your’ll get paid sooner.

If you don’t have time to do your order, then use resolution center to request an extension. Choose 3 days or whatever time you need. Last thing you want is to annoy a client with multiple extension requests.


Is that a TRS feature?
I just have 24h.
Maybe the OP has 24h too?


Sorry, I meant to say fiverr marks order complete in three days. The time to revise is usually 24 hours, unless you ask and get approved for an extension .


Thanks for your input guys! I’m getting my ass in gear.