Perfect reputation ruined


I have a 3D gig and the stuff I’m usually doing there takes a lot of time and work.

Someone messaged me a while ago and wanted something reasonable for a fair price.

The thing is that I had to move away from my parents home and didn’t quite got a lot of time on the computer, so I told him that I’ll be delivering within deadline but when I was close to that, he said I should not rush, because he wants quality stuff, so I thought everything was alright and followed his advice, getting out of the typical deadline. When I was almost finished, he canceled and gave me 3 negative downvotes, as he ordered the gigs really crappy and destroyed my perfect reputation. Apparently he messeged me while I was sleeping asking about the status and canceled before I even got to check my email, being rather impacient and impulsive all of a sudden. Is there anything I could do to fix things up? :frowning: I now have to rely on freelancing to make a living, otherwise I’ll starve to death… and now that my reputation is ruined, I don’t really feel like working on fiverr anymore as I’m rather depressed and disappointed.


Also, the “downvotes” that you saw are automatically left by the Fiverr system when a gig goes late and the buyer cancels - no matter the circumstance or previous agreements. It is NOT feedback from the buyer. You will notice that you cannot leave your own feedback to that feedback because it did not originate from the buyer. The buyer may not even be aware of it. I would always suggest “delivering” an IOU (with the buyer’s agreement, of course) to avoid this result.


It’s not the best to listen to buyers for late deliveries. Personally I would like you to create a quality product even I say I’ll give you time. Mind changing is often :slight_smile:

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If you have proof that he said that it will be fine to delay then customer support will remove it for you.

You could also message the buyer asking for permission to remove the feedback.


I agree with picaya also its an average amount of days not a deadline.


First of all get used to it… I’m sorry for being straight forward but it’s a fact and I myself has faced it many times. Sometimes the buyer is genuinely unaware of technicalities but sometimes they are clever and knows all the loop-holes on how to trick the seller.

See, if you haven’t delivered the order on time and it got late by more than 24hrs there is no way anyone can remove the negative vote than customer care or request the buyer to contact support even if you have to offer him $100-$200 worth service free. The best thing is cancel the order before it gets late and save the reputation.

I suggest don’t worry about it and start focusing on future orders and try your level best to earn every positive feedback and you’ll see the rep will go up :slight_smile:




Thanks for the replies everyone! I have send him a message back offering the model I worked really hard on for free just to cancel the negative reviews, also contacted customer support.

If this doesn’t get settled nicely, perhaps I should go look elsewhere when it comes to 3d work.


i had the same problem…and the buyers are also read to remove the negative review…so they asked howto remove it and they said they cant find a to remove …do you have any idea how to remove it???


Customer service has to remove it. I suggest that both you and the buyer email them with the gig number and explanation.


The feedback left isn’t from the buyer, it’s an automated feedback left if you don’t deliver your order on time.

freelancemm said: The feedback left isn't from the buyer, it's an automated feedback left if you don't deliver your order on time.

I really wish they would have made that optional tbh.
I worked about a day to finish the work for my client just to have him cancel the reputation because he agreed that he will if I do so if I deliver the work for free. A few hours after I deliver the model the really nice lady at the tech support assigned with my issue helps me with this and removes the bad reputation anyway. Then my client acts a bit like an ashole, saying the thing is not usable and he's glad he canceled. Geez, some people are just impossible to deal with and don't get it 40 bucks is not worth days of work and that complex 3d models won't just print with any sort of device without further optimizations, just like I anticipated and warned him about. I was rather upset he wanted me to deliver my hard work just for canceling reputation while he can profit from it to begin with. I may work for cheap but I still need to eat, I'm not here to do charity work :| I do lots of that outside of this website as it is.


@dreadknight Yeah, my workaround for that is just a really long delivery time. That way if any issues come up I have plenty of time to get the order done without worrying too much about it. It might get me a bit less in orders, but it helps to remove any potential worry. Ahh. So there is a bit more to the story, then. That’s unfortunate. However, at least the bad feedback was removed so as to not tarnish your reputation. Not much you can do about the bad buyers, unfortunately.


Reply to @freelancemm: You are right. I was actually considering cutting my delivery time in half, but perhaps I should consider doubling it instead hmm… people can always pay extra if they want stuff get done fast anyway. Yeah, I’m a bit at a boiling point now that I have the distress of not starting and having to pay the bills, it’s not just this client, but quite a few want really complex work that takes a lot of time and energy and done for spare change, which won’t get me anywhere but sick, hungry and in debt, even if I live in a crappy country that you can go by with just even less than $300. Perhaps I shouldn’t bother doing 3d stuff anymore around here and just focus on rather easy gigs that sell well, seems a lot of people around are doing just so :slight_smile:


@dreadknight Well, whatever you do I do recommend adding videos to your current gigs and any new gigs you make, it helps you to rank a lot better via Fiverr, as well as search engines in general, and with a better rank you should see at least a slight increase in orders. You can also always offer simple writing services and pick up some extra orders that way. Just also make sure not to forget about your extras. If you aren’t selling them, keep readjusting them until you do. They make the sale far more valuable.


Reply to @freelancemm: Indeed, I kept postponing that stuff, should make it priority. Thanks!