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Perfect Stats I've Ever Get?

Hi Boys & Girls,

Yesterday I was smiling at my self when I saw my Seller Stats, The Perfect Stats (I guess) that I’ve ever get in my life on Fiverr, but the sad thing is I don’t know more of how to get more sales and will I getting more sales by having the perfect stats, maybe It’s time for me to open another gig with the different category, Hopefully it will increasing me with more sales (more sales = more cash, lolol :joy:) and I hope you guys also will getting more sales too. Woohooo, love you Fiverr :tada: and Cheers :clinking_glasses:

By the way, Here is my Seller Stats:

Thanks for supporting me :sunglasses:


just a wonderful scenario


:+1: :sunglasses:

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Congrats Bro :sunglasses::sunglasses: Any Tip To Get Sales

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Congrats!! Yes, good stats definitley equals great sales. Study your market, and prepare for success :wink:

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congrats! you got soon 2nd level

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Thank you. I don’t have any special tips, I just did what sellers usually do (promoting and do the best as I can on my orders).

Thank you @brenna_n :wink:

Thank you @iqra_meher and yes I do really want to increasing my sales and level 2.

Thank you @eawdlabs :wink: