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Perfectly Delivered Work but get 4 Star

I perfectly delivered the first project my client was happy and give me a tip. But he ratting me 4 stars that are the negative impression on my profile.

Now, what should I do to overcome this negativity?

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Hi, that’s a good review not a bad one. Be glad it’s four stars and not one or two! No problem to get a 4 star one.


bad luck, try to get some new order and get 5 star :frowning:

Oh, thanks a lot. I’m very upset for this. Now i’m really cool.

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There are buyers who will never give a 5 :star: review because they believe that signifies perfection and nothing is perfect.

In my country, some Native Americans always purposely make an error in their beading work because they believe that only their gods are perfect. Therefore, they should not make perfect pieces of beading.


I’ll trying hardly & waiting for next project

May be, But I’ll try my level best.

maybe he mistook it for 5 :roll_eyes:


Yes, I think so. Because he was very happy with me and want to work a lot of projects with me.

well, after 50 5 star ratings, someone decided to award me a 4.7. That’s fine, some people are like that, nothing to do about that. You’ll just have to get used to that.