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Performance appraisal of freelancers

Greetings! Just wanted to check on the performance appraisal procedure for freelancers. My query is, if a seller is accomplishing his projects on merit but he is not getting any reviews or ratings from buyer, what strategy do fiverr adopt to judge the performance of seller in this case?. Also what impact do this scenario have on seller’s profile?.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Zahid Saleem

Reviews are 100% voluntary. Buyers do not have to leave reviews if they choose not to, nor do sellers deserve them just because they want them. Don’t worry about not getting reviews on every order. Just be a great seller, and keep delivering work that could be worthy of a review. Remember, it is against Fiverr’s rules to ask for reviews. Just a accept whatever reviews you do receive, and move on to the next order.


Fiverr’s “performance appraisal procedure” only check to see if users have met all the defined set of requirements to get promoted to the next level. It is most probably an automated process (done by bots).

Non-rated orders have no negative impact on your performance stats.

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