Performance this year so far


Hey guys,

I got my first sale back in March and quit my full-time job in September! From quitting my job and doing this full-time you can see a big increase in income. I used to make £1000 a month working 40 hours a week at a job I hated. Now I’m doing something I used to do as a hobby and love doing while living comfortably from my Fiverr income.

It goes to show, all these books I’ve read telling me to just do what you love doing and the money will flow towards you are true.

We’re nearly at the end of the year now, how’s everyone else’s year been? Has any one else had a similar up and down pattern like mine?


Nice to hear this news i really appreciated you!


I’ve actually looked at your profile a few times and been really impressed. In the convoluted/scattered way that I think, you’ve also inspired me to start offering mobile app creation services. I’m just still in the necessary skill development phase.

You’ve had a really impressive year and all credit to you for finding a fantastic niche and exploiting it so well.

The ups and downs are common for me BUT when I look back analytically, many downs correspond to life events and off-Fiverr things. i.e. I moved in June last minute and I should really have planned a little in advance. That corresponded with a huge drop. Then I picked up a couple of big buyers off-Fiverr who I have started modifying my Fiverr gigs in line with certain skills I’ve picked up working for them. This has subsequently led to a steady rise in Fiverr orders.

My golden rule is to always have a sizeable buffer in the bank to ride out potentially serious lows and always be prepared to adapt. i.e. Dropshipping is huge at the moment but there is evidence to suggest that using FB ads to drive traffic to Shopify stores and the like is becoming less effective for newbies. In this case, you might see a drop in sales in future as interest in dropshipping starts to peter out BUT all you will need to do then is look at how to cater for the changing needs of your user base.

I like to think of it as ‘interesting uncertainty.’ I never thought when I started offering ebook conversions on Fiverr that I would end up three years later offering copywriting, promo videos, and possibly mobile app development in the near future. What will I be in another 3-years? A plastic surgeon? Who the hell knows? The main thing is to remember to just keep being different and adaptive.


That is fantastic. I started selling in January and went full time in February. What a year! I don’t want to put a number on it, but I can say that I do love Fiverr. This sure beats punching a clock, in both money and freedom.


Dayum…, nice graph! I haven’t seen 9 months create something as impressive since my daughter was born!