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Perhaps a few less new gigs on the recomended catagory pages?


some catagorys are litteraly 95% new gigs on the recomended page I am just saying you could sprinkle a few more trusted folks on the recomended. just seems odd…

for example the audio section has 3 people who have made 50-100 sales the rest are new-1 sale… and its a big page.

the writing gig front page has 4 sellers that have made 50-100 the rest new-5 sales


I agree. I’m all for giving Newsbies some exposure, as well as Top Rated Sellers. But Level 1 and Level 2’s get minimal exposure there. I actually don’t think all levels should get equal exposure. However, even when I created a new gig, it was NEVER placed on the recommended page not the first page and now it’s no longer new and so it will never be on either one. I do have 2 gigs in the same category that appear on the recommended page of their category. But that’s only because there are about 10 of us and it’s an unpopular sets of gigs. :stuck_out_tongue: