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Perhaps a suspension of level demotions is in order?

Yeah, I know, not everyone has been directly affected by Coronavirus but in a time where there is almost global panic, anxiety, uncertainty and people behaving irrationally, perhaps Fiverr could give sellers a break just by stopping Level Demotion this month?
Promotions could go ahead as it would be unfair on those who are looking forward to it happening etc.

Just a simple idea for Fiverr to take a little issue away from sellers.
PS. No, I won’t be demoted this month regardless :slight_smile:


I do a lot of work for event promotion and I agree. While, for better or for worse, these kinds of orders have mostly stopped this week, I’m concerned that the situation in the world would allow buyers to demand refunds citing event cancellations (budget cuts, etc.) even in situations when such claims would be untrue and/or impossible to verify.

I had one cancelation due to a coronavirus scare this week. It was requested minutes after the order was placed. At least I didn’t waste any time on it.

PS My metrics are all at 100% but I’m subjected to a manual review as a TRS.


Can you expand on the reasons please, not for me, but anyone else just to give the reason?

If sellers see massive halts of sales due to the virus panic it can affect their metrics for levels, which seems unfair.

This is just starting but in the coming months it could be causing widespread demotions simply due to less sales. This may be the start of a global economic slump.

On the other hand Walmart is having record sales. Shelves are being emptied.

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Maybe they should add more levels (for all time) so that if you get demoted it’s not as bad, eg. you’d have to pause fewer gigs. eg. there could be another level between each of the existing levels or something else/better (eg. a new level could be created between level 1 and level 2 that allowed 15 active gigs).

Maybe they could also lower the requirements (percentages) for the lower levels. eg. not have the lowest level rating percentage (or others) be exactly the same as the top rated sellers’ percentage requirement.

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That’s the only advantage of living in an extremely unstable country. It’s just another supermarket hysteria for me. I am getting tired of it, though.

85% for order completion could be a nice compromise, I think. If fiverr considers order completion to be that important of a metric that is that easy to abuse and to use to a seller’s advantage.


Do you mean 95% or something like 85% (since 95% isn’t lowering the requirements)?

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My apologies, I can’t count. :slight_smile: 85%. Give people a bit more breathing room.


Well, my thinking is that Fiverr has clearly recognized the fact that there are potentially tough times for freelancers/small businesses through their creation of an advisory website. That’s great - but it doesn’t really help Fiverr sellers. A removal or loosening of the requirements expected of us in the “good times” seems appropriate if things are recognizably bad at the moment.

I’ve said before that I haven’t had an order or message from any of my regular clients based in Italy for about 3 weeks. While it hasn’t affected me much given that I have clients elsewhere, for those who have a client base which are more localized to specific areas it could be a problem.

My feeling is that Fiverr has regularly made adjustments, promotions etc for Buyers (ie. freelancers and small businesses), the same can’t be said for Sellers. Christmas saw an extension of buyer rights at the expense of sellers; now a new site was created to help buyers through bad times, and I am sure there have been other things. A simple waiving of the demotions for March and perhaps April would give at least some degree of comfort to sellers who are struggling at the moment. This wouldn’t cost Fiverr any money either so unless I have missed a very good reason for not doing it, it seems an easy thing to do that would be appreciated by many here.