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Permalink or URL for Comment in Conversation

I think, we should have option where we can copy the URL of comment in conversation between buyer and seller to send it as reference as we move on to discussion more and more.

So, each comment has it’s own unique URL which pasted in conversation box or order page can take user to same mentioned comment.

Update: It’s about conversation in and not forum here. URL of conversation in


There is - as a conversation progresses, each post is given its own number - you can see the URL changing as you scroll down the page.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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But you cannot copy the comment URL after a month of conversation progress to point to the same comment as reference

You simply have to click the “chain” icon on the desired comment/post, and you can copy that comment’s URL - once you post that URL, when it’s clicked on it will take the clicking person to that specific comment.

It is about conversation in and not forum.

Sorry - you posted this in ‘Forum Feedback’ so I thought you meant forum conversations! :slight_smile:

I’ll move it to a better category for you.

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Thanks for moving it to right category :slight_smile:

No problem! :slight_smile:

Any chance Fiverr Team is looking into it.

You would have to ask them directly. We are not the “Fiverr Team”, nor do Fiverr staff usually read the forums. If you need answers from Fiverr, it is best to contact Customer Support.

Hmm! May be we can vote up together.

Vote up what? I’m afraid I don’t understand your comment.

Nevermind, i have already created support ticket.