Permanently blocked for violating our Terms of Service


A day before yesterday I tried to log in to Fivrr for I bought 2 gigs a day before. When I tried to log in I got a message that my account was permanently blocked for voilating the terms of use. I couldn’t understand what I did wrong as I only make simple buys and do not sell any stuff. As I contacted fivvr customer support a help desk guys named Val told me :

"Unfortunately, this account will not be reinstated. There were some orders exchanged between a few accounts from the same location as this account and we will not allow this. As previously mentioned, you can contact us in 45-90 days to inquire about any funds still available on their account and how to withdraw them"

Well I didn’t understand what the helpdesk was saying, orders exchanged from the same location? Like I said I have only one account and I only buy stuff. I am not that handy with websites and graphics, so fivrr is a great solution. Appearently it looks like fivrr can be hacked, otherwise I have no anwser what happend, but it should be something that has to do with the fivrr system. Anyway, I ask the helpdesk if they could explain it again to me, but unfortually this helpdesk isn’t friendly enough to discuss or explain the matter again and I am from holland so not every thing is understood immediatly. Restless to say I feel fedd up paying for to gigs who now I can’t look in if they have been proceded properly and I thin it is really shamefull that any funds can be withdrawn after 45 till 90 days…

So here’s my not to happy fiverr story. Anyone have the same problems? you can quess I had to make a seperat account to get on this forum and find a way to make it clear that this is not nice…lost my money, lost my gigs, beiing blamed for something that is out of my controle, there for lost confidence of ever buying here again.

Thanks for listening and your time to comment

best regards


The best thing to do is contact the Fiverr support team.


Sometimes things happen, it may get worked out.


unfortually i never got an answer …


Fiverr customer service won’t try to help you. They will just reply with “violation of TOS” and not actually TRY to work with you on your problem.


Reply to @scottstoked: sorry to hear you have a similiar expierence :frowning: I only came to this forum because i was looking for and alternative anwser also. There is no complaint possibility for this bad customer service found on the fivrr homepage. any suggestions would be great.


I honestly wish I could offer a suggestion for you as your case seems very unfortunate and unfair. I agree, there doesn’t seem to be any recourse for bad customer service from fiverr itself.


Fiverr now has a Better Business Bureau listing…you could try filing a complaint there…maybe that would get their attention?


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