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Permanently Deleted account

Finally i have to going deleted my fiverr account. i am very frustrated with my account. i create 5 gigs. i have got more impression, view, click but i can’t get order. I have using this account from March 2018 but i think i will never get the opportunity or order in this fiver account.

I did the same thing. This is my new Fiverr account. before creating another account I contact with CS. You can also do that or delete this direct and open a new account.

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First you need to be assured of the fact that you have done more than enough to receive orders, like have you promoted your gigs, and have worked around your gigs to optimise them, with all the right keywords and Everything?

If you happen to have done all of this, you should definitely contact support, I don’t know how they help in this case, but you should definitely try with them.

And after weighing all your options, you should take your step further.


Thanks for suggestion. but believe me freelancing is my dream and i always hardworking to became a successful freelancer. i have to optimize, promote, keyword research my gig as my idea & thinking of my knowledge. I always gather idea & tips from fb fiverr group, youtube, some of freelancer etc. and i already create gig but i can’t get order. i am very disappointed.

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I think your niche market is likely to be one of your biggest issues. Almost all of your gigs are focused around accounting, bookkeeping etc. I don’t know this for certain as I don’t have access to the ‘behind the scenes’ numbers that Fiverr does, but it just doesn’t look like there’s much need for these kind of gigs on Fiverr.

Even the top-performing sellers in the financial consulting niche have only a handful of reviews on their gigs, and their gigs tend to focus more around things like financial advice and strategy.

Bookkeeping and accountancy is something that, here in the UK at least, most people will either do themselves, or they’ll hire an accountant, or a combination of the two. I pay monthly for an accountancy firm, who give me access to their software portal where I can add expenses, withdrawals, invoices etc, and at the end of the year they’ll do my books for me, advising me on my taxes and other liabilities. It’s more expensive than hiring someone on Fiverr, but UK finance can be complicated, and I’d rather give the work to someone based here so I can be certain that my business is going to be well looked after. I think a lot of other freelancers or business owners here in the western world likely feel the same way.

Typically, people do best on Fiverr when they can create a product that’s in high demand as opposed to trading their time. Do you have skills in other areas? Audio production, video production, graphic design (although this niche is VERY competitive).

Take the below article with a pinch of salt, but these numbers from last year give you an indication of where the big money is being spent on Fiverr. If you have skills that align with any of these services, perhaps you should think about targeting those instead?