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Permanently suspended

Recently I sent the message to support that my 4 out 7 gigs are not appearing in search results anymore. And given those gigs links, after 20 hrs, they replied “our trust and safety team reviewed your gigs and it was denied (Denied All 7 Gigs). Due to following warnings, your account has been suspended and you can withdraw your funds after clearing period. And your profile is being reviewed by our trust and safety team we let you know”.

I was working really hard on this platform and collected my first 22 5* reviews within 60 days. And I was thinking to grow my profile to level 1.But this is overall is gone.

What do you think? I am completely blank now your suggestion to me much appreciated.

Well, did you do what “the following warnings” said you did? Did your gigs offer something that Fiverr doesn’t allow to be offered on its platform? In case you didn’t read the Terms of Service yet, make sure you do now.
If no, I’d try to prove it.
If yes, and they only deny the gigs and let you keep your account, make new gigs that do not violate any terms of service.

That they give you the option to withdraw your funds after the clearance period seems to be a good sign, but either way I’d make sure to make use of that option, in case they end up permanently suspending your account after reviewing, you’ll only be able to withdraw after 90 days, according to the ToS.


You were warned previously:

I have a feeling it may have been this sort of gig, of which you had a couple, that may have done the damage: