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Persistence and being different pays off

Sometimes you search the buyer request so many times hoping that you will see at least one job that you can apply for, but when you do, nothing is there. Keep searching eventually you will see something that you can send an offer for, it may take a while but often things have a way of working in line for you.

Also, when making these offers, think way outside of the box, a normal offer doesn’t get selected. make the potential client know that you’re the one for the job. Don’t just send offer dry, but literally show them proof, and give a call of action that prompts them to act not quickly because clients don’t like when they are rushed; However, you should invite them to select you because you are one to contend with in terms of what you offer.

transcription may be common, but I always find a way to say something about me that is different and often result in a positive response.

That’s how I’ve managed to land quite a num of transcription gig, for example, to convince sellers that I am different and creative and like to add flavour to things:

Have a look right here:


thanks for the advice, appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hi, favoureddavian!

Your post was moved to “Tips for Sellers” 'cause it’s a good one. :slightly_smiling_face:
Most people like moi, tends to right off :x: BR, but sounds like there is still hope for BR. :sweat_smile:


I’m right there with ya @nikavoice. My gigs themselves are niche specific and have fewer sellers in them than the general categories. I used to have some more “generic” gigs too, but found I don’t like doing those gigs because they tend to require work in areas that aren’t interesting to me.

I am 100% with the title of this post, but taking it beyond the buyers request category.


Howdy, David! :cowboy_hat_face:

I think it’s amazing that you can write about A.I. It takes a special kinda person. :robot:

In the past, BR has always been a hit or miss for me. As a Seller/Buyer, it seems like I was stuck with rubbish more than legit (decent budget) offers. I will honestly say, that I’ve snagged a few orders in my early selling days. Once in a while, I usually venture in BR to see what’s happening. But, all I see is unrealistic requests in the midst of realistic requests. If I see something that piques my interest, I’d submit a request but that’s rare. :smile:

BR has potential it’s kinda like a :gem: diamond in the rough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Woohoo, and the OP earned a :pushpin: pinned topic. :tada:


haha, I got into it because a friend needed a 3500 word essay about machine learning for a course she was teaching… After the research required to write that, I had a pretty good foundation, so it just made sense. Now I expand my knowledge and understanding every new order I get… eventually it won’t require as much work because I’ll have researched AI-ML-NLP-ASR-MT, big data\data science, and all of the other abbreviations for related fields exhaustively :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks for the adivice geate and amazing

@anisocialmarket you’re most welcome.

Excellent advice very well said!!!

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Thanks, this forum has helped me a lot.


Hmm :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for the advice

@temptedvoices definitely so.

Yes, persistence is key to win. market place is not rocket science.

It is a great idea . Additionally, it is important to insert the major reasons why you should be uniquely considered for a job while contesting for a job in the buyer request section.

@lydia_smart precisely. Dont just say that you are unique, say why you are. Convey your uniqueness in the buyer request.

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@anisocialmarket, you are most welcome.

Thanks for nice advice . as a new sell I am facing the problem . Not getting buyer request on my account . your post inspire me to keep patient to get my fist job on fiverr .

@labhoy You’re most welcome. I know how it can be at times, but just a little extra push can get you that first order :smiley:


@favoureddavian Great advice. Thank you for sharing your insights!

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