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Persistent Buyer troubles :/


Reply to @aingham69: I’m also from the UK! Could you elaborate on what you were saying about what it’s like for us and our copyrights over here?


Reply to @kornilov: You have a good point about the description of the gigs can be changed. It would need to be within the messaging system. I don’t bother with anything like this - the buyer gets an article/rewrite/ebook/whatever they order and its theirs - but if I did offer for entertainment purposes only, I would create a contract of some sort to make sure it was clear (after putting it in the description) and that part of the description was read before doing the work.

It’s a tricky situation though through Fiverr since the contract would really need to be sent through before the order was placed. I’d never only offer entertainment only gigs through the site (it wouldn’t work for the gigs I have and it just gets too messy and difficult to deal with). I’m just sharing my thoughts - I’m covering contract law in my degree at the moment, so it’s helping me with my study at the moment :slight_smile:

I was talking to my husband about this when he got home from work because he’s covered contract law too and we were looking at both sides of the coin. To me, it would be an interesting case to be able to sit in on and listen to as the decision would all rely on that one person listening to the case.

There’s another tricky part to all this. What if the artwork was placed on a blog that was monetized. The buyer may want to show off the skills of the artist and share the details to help refer the artist but at the same time is gaining money from that blog.