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Person requested to do nothing

Is this legit or can this person be using a fraudulent credit card?

That’s risky, just for the fact that if they decide to report you or ask for a refund there won’t be anything to prevent that, as you have to deliver what you offer in your gig. I’d just do the job anyway.

the problem is that it’s inside of a game and the person but no requirements

i think if your buyer is agreed just to pay you for nothing you can deliver the order. i think he knows well about fiverr rankings. he do not want to cancel order also saying that he will give you 5 stars.

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I’d still not risk it. I think you should make the house to the standard you believe you’d hand in other work and deliver it.

Delivering nothing whatsoever on an order is a violation of TOS, even if the buyer accepts a delivery of absolutely nothing.

If someone orders a gig from you, you are to deliver what your gig description entails will be delivered.

If the buyer doesn’t give you enough pertinent information/instructions to properly complete the order, or goes beyond the scope of the order, then the issues of cancellation or additional gig extras arises.


There are some facts that .
If you delivery the order buyer can report you if he wants.
After delivery he can give you bad review …
Also can apply for refund .

All those will be effected to your profile .You will get report from fiverr. Will get bad review or cancellation rate will be increased .

Good side is that if the price is low like $5 or $10 then buyer can avoid above issues and may give you 5 star review.

Hi Gavin13
I dont think you should go with what he is saying, you should deliver your work or report that person, so that support can check the issue. cause surely its against fiverr TOS.
Thank you

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If you’ve completed a task that is somewhere else, the best (to my knowledge) method of delivery is of screenshots to prove you’ve done what you’ve promised.

If this is for your ‘house’ gig, then yeah, definitely deliver captured-images of the finished product.

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Exactly, well said. That sums it up, most likely the person just doesn’t want to deal with a cancellation.